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Turner, David Andrew - Quality in Higher Education, e-bok

Quality in Higher Education

Turner, David Andrew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Andrew Turner
2. Origins
David Andrew Turner
3. Diversification
David Andrew Turner
4. Performance Indicators and Benchmarking
David Andrew Turner
5. National League Tables
David Andrew Turner
6. International League Tables
David Andrew Turner

Enders, J. - Reform of Higher Education in Europe, e-bok

Reform of Higher Education in Europe

Enders, J.


Reform of Higher Education in Europe
Jürgen Enders, Harry Boer, Jon File, Ben Jongbloed, Don Westerheijden
2. European Degree Structure and National Reform
Marike Faber, Don Westerheijden
3. Reform of Doctoral

Pérez, David M. Callejo - Higher Education and Human Capital, e-bok

Higher Education and Human Capital

Pérez, David M. Callejo


In Mathematics Education and Science Education
Robert Mayes, Patricia McClurg, Timothy F. Slater
4. The Implications of Individual Identity Within the Doctorate: Individual Perspectives on Negotiating the Doctoral Experience
10. Doctoral Programs in Special

Vught, Frans - Mapping the Higher Education Landscape, e-bok

Mapping the Higher Education Landscape

Vught, Frans


Diversity in European Higher Education: Historical Trends and Current Policies
Jeroen Huisman, Frans Vught
3. The Search for Transparency: Convergence and Diversity in the Bologna Process
Dirk Van Damme
4. The European

Liu, Ye - Higher Education, Meritocracy and Inequality in China, e-bok

Higher Education, Meritocracy and Inequality in China

Liu, Ye


Meritocracy, Education Opportunities and Social Stratification
Ye Liu
7. Meritocracy and Cultural Capital
Ye Liu
8. Meritocracy, Gender and the ‘One-Child’ Policy
Ye Liu
9. Meritocracy and Geographical Stratification
Ye Liu
10. Conclusions

Lucas, Christopher J. - American Higher Education, e-bok

American Higher Education

Lucas, Christopher J.


American Higher Education: The Formative Period
4. The American Colonial and Antebellum College
Christopher J. Lucas
5. The Evolving American University
Christopher J. Lucas
Part 3. American Higher

Gibbs, Paul - Transdisciplinary Higher Education, e-bok

Transdisciplinary Higher Education

Gibbs, Paul


Transdisciplinary Pedagogy in Higher Education: Transdisciplinary Learning, Learning Cycles and Habits of Minds
Sue L. T. McGregor
2. Seeing What Is Questionable: Transformative Pedagogies and the Hermeneutic Subject

Breyer, Yvonne A. - Success in Higher Education, e-bok

Success in Higher Education

Breyer, Yvonne A.


The Role of Leadership Education: Benefits and Challenges for At-Risk Students
Ralph A. Gigliotti
Part III. Transitions from University
12. Three Modes of Work-Integrated Learning: Stories of Success
Leanne Carter, Jennifer Ruskin, Ashleigh Cassilles