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McSherry, Wilfred - Spiritual Assessment in Healthcare Practice, e-bok

Spiritual Assessment in Healthcare Practice

McSherry, Wilfred


There has been a groundswell of interest in and recognition of the importance the spiritual part of a person's life has to play in coping with/recovery from illness as well as in the attainment and maintenance of health, wellbeing and quality of life.…

Allen, Davina - Nursing and the Division of Labour in Healthcare, e-bok

Nursing and the Division of Labour in Healthcare

Allen, Davina


This book examines the division of labour between nurses and other health professions and occupations. It connects classic sociological concerns with practical problems affecting the contemporary NHS, such as: skill-mix in hospitals; the emergence of…

Allen, Davina - The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality, e-bok

The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality

Allen, Davina


The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality presents a series of research-informed readings on the sociological contributions of technologies, practices, experiences, and organizational quality and safety across a range of healthcare contexts. Represents

Guenther, Robin - Sustainable Healthcare Architecture, e-bok

Sustainable Healthcare Architecture

Guenther, Robin


"With this book, Robin Guenther and Gail Vittori show us how critical our green building mission is to the future of human health and secures a lasting legacy that will continue to challenge and focus the green building movement, the healthcare industry, and the world for years to come."

Busch, Rebecca S. - Healthcare Fraud: Auditing and Detection Guide, e-bok

Healthcare Fraud: Auditing and Detection Guide

Busch, Rebecca S.


An invaluable tool equipping healthcare professionals, auditors, and investigators to detect every kind of healthcare fraud
According to private and public estimates, billions of dollars are lost per hour to healthcare waste, fraud, and abuse. A

Hayes, Dr Catherine - Studying Postgraduate Healthcare: A Pre-Reader, e-bok

Studying Postgraduate Healthcare: A Pre-Reader

Hayes, Dr Catherine


Written by academics with long experience of dealing with new postgraduate healthcare students, this helpful guide provides a much-needed overview of the practical considerations that should be taken into account when embarking on any postgraduate healthcare

Frith, Kathleen - Sustainable Healthcare, e-bok

Sustainable Healthcare

Frith, Kathleen

Från 46,65€

Sustainable Healthcare sets out a vision for medical care of high quality, manageable cost and low impact on the planetary systems which sustain us.

In tackling the major challenges of our age, such as resource depletion, loss of biodiversity and climate change, health services