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Dea, Carl - JavaFX 9 by Example, e-bok

JavaFX 9 by Example

Dea, Carl


Getting Started
Carl Dea, Gerrit Grunwald, José Pereda, Sean Phillips, Mark Heckler
2. JavaFX and Jigsaw
Carl Dea, Gerrit Grunwald, José Pereda, Sean Phillips, Mark Heckler
3. JavaFX Fundamentals
Carl Dea,

Gamenara, Daniela - Redox Biocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications, e-bok

Redox Biocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications

Gamenara, Daniela

Från 155,10€

Paves the way for new industrial applications using redox biocatalysis
Increasingly, researchers rely on the use of enzymes to perform redox processes as they search for novel industrial synthetic routes. In order to support and advance their investigations,…

Brune, H. - Nanotechnology, e-bok


Brune, H.


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Summaries
2. Nanotechnology and Philosophy of Science
3. Fields of Research and Technology
4. Commercial Perspectives of Nanotechnology — An Assessment Based on Patent Data
5. Risk Assessment and…

Taft, Robert W. - Progress in Physical Organic Chemistry, e-bok

Progress in Physical Organic Chemistry

Taft, Robert W.


Hammett Memorial Lecture (J. Shorter).
Thermodynamics of Molecular Species (E. Grunwald).
Reaction Coordinates and Structure-Energy Relationships (E. Grunwald).
Theoretical Studies of the Effects of Hydration on Organic Equilibria (R. Topsom).
Yx Scales of Solvent Ionizing Power (T. Bentley & G. Llewellyn).

Schmitz, Bettina - Paroxysmale Störungen in der Neurologie, e-bok

Paroxysmale Störungen in der Neurologie

Schmitz, Bettina


Table of contents
1. Anfallserkrankungen: Diagnostischer Goldstandard Anamnese
P. Wolf
2. Ohnmacht
F. Weissinger, T. Lempert
3. Stürze
T. Grunwald, I. Mothersill, G. Krämer
4. Anfälle im Schlaf
K. Schindler, H. Gast, C. L. Bassetti
5. Paroxysmale Kopfschmerzen
H.-C. Diener
6. Paroxysmaler