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Lee, Courtland C. - Counseling for Social Justice, e-bok

Counseling for Social Justice

Lee, Courtland C.


Thought leaders examine social justice counseling from a global perspective in the latest edition of this pioneering book. Part 1 examines the historical and contemporary context of social

Ball, Matthew - Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, e-bok

Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

Ball, Matthew


Social Justice, Governance and Ethics
1. The Sustaining Society
Elliott Currie
2. Democracy and the Project of Liberal Inclusion
Susanne Karstedt
3. Justice and Social Inclusion Policies
Judith Bessant

Jansen, Sue Curry - Media and Social Justice, e-bok

Media and Social Justice

Jansen, Sue Curry


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Media, Democracy, Human Rights, and Social Justice
1. Introduction: Media, Democracy, Human Rights, and Social Justice
Sue Curry Jansen
Part I. Frameworks
2. Global Justice and Global Media
Cees J. Hamelink
3. Video Activism as a Way of Life
DeeDee Halleck, Lora

Cordourier-Real, Carlos R. - Transnational Social Justice, e-bok

Transnational Social Justice

Cordourier-Real, Carlos R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carlos R. Cordourier-Real
2. On Cosmopolitanism about Justice
Carlos R. Cordourier-Real
3. The International Society
Carlos R. Cordourier-Real
4. The Circumstances and the Primary Agents of Justice
Carlos R. Cordourier-Real
5. Transnational Social Justice

Brotherton, David C - Outside Justice, e-bok

Outside Justice

Brotherton, David C


Procedural Justice: Immigrants in Interaction with Agents of the State
1. Driving While Immigrant: Driver’s License Policy and Immigration Enforcement
Michele L. Waslin
2. Local Democracy on ICE: The Arizona Laboratory
Judith A. Greene
3. Removal

Fontana, Lorenza - Demanding Justice in The Global South, e-bok

Demanding Justice in The Global South

Fontana, Lorenza


Analysing Justice Claims in the Global South
Jean Grugel, Jewellord Nem Singh, Lorenza B. Fontana, Anders Uhlin
2. Struggles Against the High Cost of Living in Burkina Faso
Bettina Engels
3. Demanding Rights in Company-Community Resource Extraction

Atkinson, Jeffrey - Globalizing Social Justice, e-bok

Globalizing Social Justice

Atkinson, Jeffrey


Oxfam and its Global Campaign on Trade
Jeffrey Atkinson, Martin Scurrah, Jeannet Lingán, Rosa Pizarro, Catherine Ross
4. Case Study: Garment Workers in Sri Lanka
Jeffrey Atkinson, Martin Scurrah, Jeannet Lingán, Rosa Pizarro, Catherine Ross
5. Case

Morvaridi, Behrooz - Social Justice and Development, e-bok

Social Justice and Development

Morvaridi, Behrooz


Introduction: Social Justice and Development
Behrooz Morvaridi
2. The Right to Development
Behrooz Morvaridi
3. Neoliberalism and Social Justice
Behrooz Morvaridi
4. Economic Globalisation and Global Social

Collste, Göran - Global Rectificatory Justice, e-bok

Global Rectificatory Justice

Collste, Göran


The Discussion on Global Justice: A Missing Premise
Göran Collste
3. Colonialism
Göran Collste
4. Five Cases of Colonialism
Göran Collste
5. The Legacy of Colonialism
Göran Collste
6. Restoring