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Blackwood, Kevin - Casino Gambling For Dummies, e-bok

Casino Gambling For Dummies

Blackwood, Kevin


Earn comps and avoid big losses
Bet wisely, beat the house, and bring home the bucks!
Crazy about casinos, but worried about losing your shirt? Relax! This hands-on guide is filled with insider secrets and tips for maximizing winnings and…

Banks, James - Gambling, Crime and Society, e-bok

Gambling, Crime and Society

Banks, James


Organised Crime, Gambling and Illegal Gambling
James Banks
5. Gambling, Sport and Corruption
James Banks
6. Internet Gambling, Crime and the Regulation of Virtual Environments
James Banks
7. Gambling and

Zheng, Victor - Gambling Dynamism, e-bok

Gambling Dynamism

Zheng, Victor


Table of contents
1. Gambling and Society: A Theoretical Revisiting of the Issue
Victor Zheng, Po-san Wan
2. Macao and Globalization: A Gambling Perspective
Victor Zheng, Po-san Wan
3. The Return to Chinese Sovereignty: A Historical Turning Point
Victor Zheng, Po-san Wan
4. Gambling Expansion and Economic

Walker, Douglas M. - The Economics of Casino Gambling, e-bok

The Economics of Casino Gambling

Walker, Douglas M.


Casino gambling and economic growth
3. Misconceptions about casinos and growth
4. Evidence on the growth effects of gambling
5. Relationships among U.S. gambling industries
6. The social costs of gambling
7. Miscellaneous social cost issues
8. Problems

Gobet, Fernand - Problem Gambling, e-bok

Problem Gambling

Gobet, Fernand


Cognitive Models of Gambling and Problem Gambling
Marvin R. G. Schiller, Fernand R. Gobet
Part II. Gambling and Society
5. Behind the Scenes of Creating the Tool for Responsible Games
Anssi Airas
6. Problem Gambling

Ferentzy, Peter - The History of Problem Gambling, e-bok

The History of Problem Gambling

Ferentzy, Peter


The History of Gambling and Its Intersection with Technology, Religion, Medical Science, and Metaphors
Peter Ferentzy, Nigel E. Turner
3. Pathological Gambling as an Idea: What Does It Mean?
Peter Ferentzy, Nigel E.

Gainsbury, Sally - Internet Gambling, e-bok

Internet Gambling

Gainsbury, Sally


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sally Gainsbury
2. Current Market Overview
Sally Gainsbury
3. Policy and Regulatory Options
Sally Gainsbury
4. Characteristics of Internet Gamblers
Sally Gainsbury
5. Risks Associated with Internet Gambling
Sally Gainsbury
6. Vulnerable Populations

Cooper, Andrew F. - Internet Gambling Offshore, e-bok

Internet Gambling Offshore

Cooper, Andrew F.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Reconfiguring Casino Capitalism
Andrew F. Cooper
2. Virtual Vice or Innovative Virtue?
Andrew F. Cooper
3. The US Takes a Hard Line: Stigmatizing the Internet Gambling Industry
Andrew F. Cooper
4. Antigua Responds: The Commercialization of Diplomacy
Andrew F.