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Forcht, Georg W. - Frank Wedekind, e-bok

Frank Wedekind

Forcht, Georg W.


Table of contents
1. Ein Bänkelsänger aus Lenzburg
Georg W. Forcht
2. Frank Wedekind auf dem Montmartre
Georg W. Forcht
3. Die Boheme in Paris und die Anfänge des ‚Simplicissimus‘
Georg W. Forcht
4. Das literarisch-künstlerische Kabarett und der Münchner Sittlichkeitskampf
Georg W. Forcht

Ross, Graeme - The Frank Sinatra Quiz Book, e-bok

The Frank Sinatra Quiz Book

Ross, Graeme


Are you a fan of frank Sinatra? Have you seen every film he made? Do you know all there is to know about the man and his music? Then why not put your knowledge to the test with this tribute to the legendary entertainer? Frank Sinatra first appeared on

Anand, Sanjay - Essentials of the Dodd-Frank Act, e-bok

Essentials of the Dodd-Frank Act

Anand, Sanjay


An executive overview of the new Financial Regulations Act
This book provides an executive summary of the newly passed Financial Regulations Act. It examines the most important sections of the Act, how it impacts the financial industry, as well…

Savage, Frank - The Savage Way: Successfully Navigating the Waves of Business and Life, e-bok

The Savage Way: Successfully Navigating the Waves of Business and Life

Savage, Frank


Inspiring lessons on business and life from Frank Savage
Frank Savage's is an unlikely success story. Raised in segregated Washington, DC, by his mother, a hairdresser and entrepreneur with little formal education, Savage's career has taken him around the world as a globetrotting financier. From his first banking job at Citibank

Cowan, David - Frank H. Knight, e-bok

Frank H. Knight

Cowan, David


Table of contents
1. A Prophet and a Pioneer
David Cowan
2. Knightian Uncertainty
David Cowan
3. The Grand Crusade
David Cowan
4. Knight contra mundum
David Cowan
5. The Economic Organization
David Cowan

Forcht, Georg W. - Frank Wedekind und die Volksstücktradition, e-bok

Frank Wedekind und die Volksstücktradition

Forcht, Georg W.


Table of contents
1. Begriff und Geschichte des Volksstücks
Georg W. Forcht
2. Die klassischen Vertreter des Alt-Wiener Volksstücks
Georg W. Forcht
3. Frank Wedekind und die Volksstücktradition
Georg W. Forcht
4. Bertolt Brecht
Georg W. Forcht
5. Marieluise Fleißer
Georg W. Forcht

Stockton, Frank R. - A Story of Seven Devils, e-bok

A Story of Seven Devils

Stockton, Frank R.


Stockton’s A story of seven devils focuses on what emerges from a sermon: the priest says that every woman is possessed by seven devils. Women get angry because the sermon calls into question their ability to act and think and makes implicitly necessary…

Baum, Lyman Frank - Le nuove avventure di Dorothy e il Mago di Oz, e-bok

Le nuove avventure di Dorothy e il Mago di Oz

Baum, Lyman Frank


Le nuove avventure di Dorothy di Lyman Frank Baum traduzione a cura di Elena Raina. Dorothy, insieme con la sua inseparabile gattina Eureka, si sta recando a Hugson Ranch, dove l’attende lo zio Henry. Durante il tragitto, incontra suo cugino Zeb, che guida un carro tirato da Jim, un vecchio