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Hart, Neil - Equilibrium and Evolution, e-bok

Equilibrium and Evolution

Hart, Neil


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Competing Assessments of Alfred Marshall’s Economics
Neil Hart
2. The Development of Marshall’s Thought
Neil Hart
3. Marshall’s ‘Economic Biology’
Neil Hart
4. Marshall’s Equilibrium…

Das, Dilip K. - Financial Globalization, e-bok

Financial Globalization

Das, Dilip K.


The Evolution and Unfolding of Financial Globalization
Dilip K. Das
2. Financial Globalization and the Shifting Sands in Contemporary Financial Markets
Dilip K. Das
3. Global Financial Crisis: The Great Recession

Geranio, Manuela - Evolution of the Exchange Industry, e-bok

Evolution of the Exchange Industry

Geranio, Manuela


Table of contents
1. The Exchange Industry: Recent Facts and the Current Scenario
Manuela Geranio
2. The Functions and Economics of Exchange Markets
Manuela Geranio
3. Strategic Patterns of Exchanges
Manuela Geranio
4. The Surge…

Andersen, Steffen E. - The Evolution of Nordic Finance, e-bok

The Evolution of Nordic Finance

Andersen, Steffen E.


Denmark, 1918–2010: Towards Financial Abyss and Back
Steffen E. Andersen
9. Finland, 1918–2010: A Quick Adaptor
Steffen E. Andersen
10. Norway, 1918–2010: Saved by the North Sea
Steffen E. Andersen
11. Sweden, 1918–2009: Too Good to

Michailidou, Domna M. - The Inexorable Evolution of Financialisation, e-bok

The Inexorable Evolution of Financialisation

Michailidou, Domna M.


Introduction: Financial Crises — An Inter-Temporal, Inter-National and Endogenous Capitalist Problem
Domna M. Michailidou
2. A Keynesian and Post-Keynesian Theoretical Brief: Selected Concepts
Domna M. Michailidou
3. Post-1980 Global Liquidity Data:

DiVanna, Joseph A. - Redefining financial services, e-bok

Redefining financial services

DiVanna, Joseph A.


Redefining financial services -The new renaissance in value propositions Redefining Financial Services explores the fundamental redefinition of the role of financial intermediaries in the new century. Combining