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Rockoff, Hugh - Coping with Financial Crises, e-bok

Coping with Financial Crises

Rockoff, Hugh


Reflections on the Evolution of Financial Crises: Theory, History and Empirics
Michael D. Bordo
2. The International Contagion of Short-Run Interest Rates During the Great Depression
Samuel Maveyraud, Antoine Parent

Bouin, Olivier - Europe's Crises, e-bok

Europe's Crises

Bouin, Olivier


What makes this so serious is that it is not a single crisis but rather multiple crises – the euro crisis, the migration/refugee crisis, Brexit, etc. – that overlap and reinforce one another, creating a cumulative array of challenges that threatens the very survival

Li, Shaofang - Financial Institutions in the Global Financial Crisis, e-bok

Financial Institutions in the Global Financial Crisis

Li, Shaofang


The Use of Financial Derivatives and Risks of U.S. Bank Holding Companies
Shaofang Li
3. Quality of Bank Capital and Bank Lending Behaviour During the Global Financial Crisis
Shaofang Li
4. Competition in the Clearing and Settlement Industry

Robertson, Justin - Power and Politics After Financial Crises, e-bok

Power and Politics After Financial Crises

Robertson, Justin


The Political Economy of International Financial Reform Since the Asian Crisis: The Case of Corporate Governance
Andrew Baker
Part II. Country Studies
6. Argentina: State Capacity and Leverage in External Negotiations
Maria Pia Riggirozzi
7. Brazil:

Harcourt, G. C. - Financial Crises and the Nature of Capitalist Money, e-bok

Financial Crises and the Nature of Capitalist Money

Harcourt, G. C.


A Socioeconomic Systems Model of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007+: Power, Innovation, Ideology and Regulatory Failures
Tom R. Burns, Alberto Martinelli, Philippe DeVille
14. Credit Money, Fiat Money and Currency Pyramids: Reflections on the Financial