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Hargrove, Robert - Masterful Coaching, e-bok

Masterful Coaching

Hargrove, Robert


When the first edition of Masterful Coaching was published, it quickly became the standard resource for anyone who was a coach, considering becoming a coach, or curious about being an extraordinary coach. In this completely revised third edition of his groundbreaking book, Hargrove presents

Shervington, Martin - Developmental Coaching, e-bok

Developmental Coaching

Shervington, Martin


'Developmental Coaching' is a transformative programme designed to enable true shifts in consciousness in executives, professionals and coaches. It has already been delivered to hundreds of people across the globe with stunning

, Fiona Eldridge - Seven Steps of Effective Executive Coaching, e-bok

Seven Steps of Effective Executive Coaching

, Fiona Eldridge


Based on the author's extensive research and consultancy practices, the book builds on the GROW coaching model and introduces a new model which involves 5 core capabilities and a 7-step process - The Achieve Coaching Model. Key features * Based