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Klein, Louis - Business Excellence, e-bok

Business Excellence

Klein, Louis


Table of contents
1. Erst Praxis, dann Theorie
Louis Klein
2. Die Idee der Business Excellence
Louis Klein
3. Business Excellence Execution
Louis Klein
4. Business Excellence revisited
Louis Klein

Powers, Bob - Instructor Excellence: Mastering the Delivery of Training, e-bok

Instructor Excellence: Mastering the Delivery of Training

Powers, Bob


When the first edition of Instructor Excellence was published in 1992, it became an instant bestseller among professionals who deliver and manage training. This thoroughly revised and updated second edition complements the timeless standards that made the first edition a classic as well

Issar, Gilad - Operational Excellence, e-bok

Operational Excellence

Issar, Gilad


Manufacturing Excellence in Daily life
Gilad Issar, Liat Ramati Navon
23. New Product Introduction (NPI)
Gilad Issar, Liat Ramati Navon
24. One on One Meeting
Gilad Issar, Liat Ramati Navon
25. Personal Development
Gilad Issar, Liat Ramati

Alagumalai, Sivakumar - Excellence in Scholarship, e-bok

Excellence in Scholarship

Alagumalai, Sivakumar


Contributions to Excellence in Scholarship (Primers/Keynotes)
1. Creating a Tradition of Research in Education
Margaret J. Secombe
2. Effects of Socioeconomic Status, Class Size and Ability Grouping on Science Achievement
John P. Keeves, Njora Hungi,