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Sigismondi, Paolo - The Digital Glocalization of Entertainment, e-bok

The Digital Glocalization of Entertainment

Sigismondi, Paolo


The Dynamics of Non-Scripted Entertainment: Formats and Local Adaptations
Paolo Sigismondi
6. The Stars in the Non-Scripted Entertainment Galaxy
Paolo Sigismondi
7. Technologies of Entertainment
Paolo Sigismondi
8. The Impact of the ICT Revolution

Harrington, Stephen - Entertainment Values, e-bok

Entertainment Values

Harrington, Stephen


How Can We Value Entertainment? And, Why Does It Matter?
Stephen Harrington
2. What Is Entertainment? The Value of Industry Definitions
Christy Collis
3. From Toyetic to Toyesis: The Cultural Value of Merchandising

Fattor, Eric M. - American Empire and the Arsenal of Entertainment, e-bok

American Empire and the Arsenal of Entertainment

Fattor, Eric M.


Legitimacy through Popular Entertainment: Bringing the British Empire to Life (1815–1945)
Eric M. Fattor
3. Overcoming Isolationism: Film, Radio, and the Rise of the American Empire (1898–1945)
Eric M. Fattor
4. Spreading Liberalism: Broadcasting,

Artz, Lee - Global Entertainment Media: A Critical Introduction, e-bok

Global Entertainment Media: A Critical Introduction

Artz, Lee


Balancing provocative criticism with clear explanations of complex ideas, this student-friendly introduction investigates the crucial role global entertainment media has played in the emergence of transitional capitalism.  Examines the influence of global entertainment