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Blades, William - The Enemies of Books, e-bok

The Enemies of Books

Blades, William


A fascinating look at the myriad enemies of the printed book, from fire, to neglect, to children, to the bookworm, to plain old ignorance. A passionate litany against all who would see printed literature destroyed, written by English printer and bibliographer William Blades.

Todorov, Tzvetan - The Inner Enemies of Democracy, e-bok

The Inner Enemies of Democracy

Todorov, Tzvetan


The political history of the twentieth century can be viewed as the history of democracy’s struggle against its external enemies: fascism and communism. This struggle ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet regime. Some people think that democracy now faces

Kühnhardt, Ludger - The Global Society and Its Enemies, e-bok

The Global Society and Its Enemies

Kühnhardt, Ludger


Third World War: The Enemies of the Global Society
Ludger Kühnhardt
3. Spaces and Spheres
Ludger Kühnhardt
4. Borders and Orders
Ludger Kühnhardt
5. People and Peoples
Ludger Kühnhardt
6. Sources and Resources
Ludger Kühnhardt

Williams, Austin - The Enemies of Progress, e-bok

The Enemies of Progress

Williams, Austin


This polemical book examines the concept of sustainability and presents a critical exploration of its all-pervasive influence on society, arguing that sustainability, manifested in several guises, represents a pernicious and corrosive doctrine that has…

Land, Isaac - Enemies of Humanity, e-bok

Enemies of Humanity

Land, Isaac


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Isaac Land
Part I. Fearing the Crowd: Revolution and Atrocity
2. Feel the Terror: Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France
Peter C. Messer
3. “Unworthy of Liberty?” Slavery,…

Jervis, Mark A. - Insects As Natural Enemies, e-bok

Insects As Natural Enemies

Jervis, Mark A.


Table of contents
1. Foraging Behaviour
Mark D. E. Fellowes, Jacques J. M. Alphen, Mark A. Jervis
2. The Life-cycle
Mark A. Jervis, Michael J. W. Copland, Jeffrey A. Harvey
3. Genetics
Leo W. Beukeboom, Bas J. Zwaan
4. Mating…

Dzidzienyo, Anani - Neither Enemies nor Friends, e-bok

Neither Enemies nor Friends

Dzidzienyo, Anani


Table of contents
Part 1. Comparative Racialization in the Americas
1. Flows and Counterflows: Latinas/os, Blackness, and Racialization in Hemispheric Perspective
Suzanne Oboler, Anani Dzidzienyo
Part 2. The Politics of Racialization in…

Knudsen, Line Kyed - K for Kara 18 - Enemies Forever, e-bok

K for Kara 18 - Enemies Forever

Knudsen, Line Kyed


Laura, from the parallel class, accuses Rose of doing something that is not true. It makes Rose sad. Kara wants to help Rose, so everyone can see that Laura is lying. But Kara accidentally does something stupid, and suddenly Kara and Rose are enemies forever.