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Alberti, Marina - Urban Ecology, e-bok

Urban Ecology

Alberti, Marina


Urban Ecology as an Interdisciplinary Field: Differences in the use of “Urban” Between the Social and Natural Sciences
Nancy E. McIntyre, K. Knowles-Yánez, D. Hope
Section II. Conceptual Foundations of Urban Ecology
5. The Growth of the City: An Introduction

Coccia, Emanuele - The Life of Plants: A Metaphysics of Mixture, e-bok

The Life of Plants: A Metaphysics of Mixture

Coccia, Emanuele


And yet plants give life to the Earth: they produce the atmosphere that surrounds us, they are the origin of the oxygen that animates us. Plants embody the most direct, elementary connection that life can establish with the world. 
In this highly original book,

Endlicher, Wilfried - Perspectives in Urban Ecology, e-bok

Perspectives in Urban Ecology

Endlicher, Wilfried


Introduction: From Urban Nature Studies to Ecosystem Services
Wilfried Endlicher
2. Particulate Matter in the Urban Atmosphere: Concentration, Distribution, Reduction – Results of Studies in the Berlin Metropolitan Area

Gosselink, James G. - Wetlands, e-bok


Gosselink, James G.


As the understanding of their importance grows, their management and ecology have gained increased attention and have become an area of professional specialization over the past two decades. This book gives readers a solid understanding of wetlands, how they work,