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Streete, Adrian - Early Modern Drama and the Bible, e-bok

Early Modern Drama and the Bible

Streete, Adrian


Representing the Bible in Early Modern Drama: Material and Verbal Contexts
2. Enter the Book: Reading the Bible on the Early Modern Stage
Michael Davies
3. Measuring up to Nebuchadnezzar: Biblical Presences in Shakespeare’s Tragicomedies
Helen Wilcox

Arrow, Alison W. - Literacy in the Early Years, e-bok

Literacy in the Early Years

Arrow, Alison W.


In Dialogue with Children: Exploring Children’s Views of Literacy Practices in Their Early Childhood Settings
Pauline Harris
3. Linguistic Diversity and Literacy Practices in Early Childhood Education in Norway

Adams, Robyn - Diplomacy and Early Modern Culture, e-bok

Diplomacy and Early Modern Culture

Adams, Robyn


Francis Bacon’s Bi-literal Cipher and the Materiality of Early Modern Diplomatic Writing
Alan Stewart
9. Court Hieroglyphics: the Idea of the Cipher in Ben Jonson’s Masques
Hannah J. Crawforth
10. The Ambassador’s Household: Sir Henry Wotton,

Larson, Katherine R. - Early Modern Women in Conversation, e-bok

Early Modern Women in Conversation

Larson, Katherine R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction Beyond the Humanist Dialogue: The Textual Conversations of Early Modern Women
Katherine R. Larson
Part I. Gendering Conversation and Space in Early Modern England
2. ‘Intercourses of Friendship’: Gender, Conversation, and Social Performance
Katherine R. Larson
3. Markets

Alexander, Kate - Feminism(s) in Early Childhood, e-bok

Feminism(s) in Early Childhood

Alexander, Kate


Feminism and the Development of Early Childhood Education in Australia
Margaret M. Coady
3. The Didgeridoo, an Instrument of Oppression or Decolonisation?
Sue Lopez-Atkinson
4. Celebrating Pioneering and Contemporary Feminist Approaches to Studying

Heavey, Katherine - The Early Modern Medea, e-bok

The Early Modern Medea

Heavey, Katherine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Katherine Heavey
2. Medieval Medea
Katherine Heavey
3. Translating Medea
Katherine Heavey
4. Tragic Medea
Katherine Heavey
5. Comic Medea
Katherine Heavey
6. Political Medea