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Bank, Inter-American Development - Saving for Development, e-bok

Saving for Development

Bank, Inter-American Development


Table of contents
1. Saving for a Sunny Day
2. The State of Saving in Latin America and the Caribbeany
3. Financial Systems to Make Savings Count
4. More and Better Saving for Productive Investment
5. Saving for Stability
6. Running…

Payne, Anthony - Development, e-bok


Payne, Anthony


The concept of development has never been in greater need of analysis and clarification than in the present era. Just about everyone is 'for' development as an assumed 'good', yet few seem to have a concrete idea of what the term actually entails.

Mavrotas, George - Development Aid, e-bok

Development Aid

Mavrotas, George


Table of contents
1. Development Aid: Expectations, Effectiveness and Allocation
George Mavrotas, Mark McGillivray
2. Decentralizing Aid with Interested Parties
Gil S. Epstein, Ira N. Gang
3. Blind Spots on the Map of Aid Allocations: Concentration and Complementarity of International NGO Aid

Biekpe, Nicholas - Development Finance, e-bok

Development Finance

Biekpe, Nicholas


Table of contents
1. Development Finance and Its Innovations for Sustainable Growth. An Introduction
Nicholas Biekpe, Danny Cassimon, Karel Verbeke
2. Domestic Resource Mobilization in Africa: Capacity Imperatives
Emmanuel Nnadozie, Thomas C. Munthali, Robert Nantchouang, Barassou Diawara
3. Tax Buoyancy:

Guérin, Isabelle - Under Development: Gender, e-bok

Under Development: Gender

Guérin, Isabelle


A History of Development Through a Gender Prism: Feminist and Decolonial Perspectives
Christine Verschuur
3. Feminist Anthropology Meets Development
Fenneke Reysoo
4. Gender and Demography: A Fertile Combination
Agnès Adjamagbo, Thérèse Locoh

Giorgioni, Gianluigi - Development Finance, e-bok

Development Finance

Giorgioni, Gianluigi


Migrant Remittances and Beyond: The Development Implications of Human Capital Mobility and Accompanying Financial Flows
Ralitza Dimova
6. Multinational Enterprises and Economic Development in Host Countries: What We Know

Adésìnà, Jìmí Olálékan - The Development of Africa, e-bok

The Development of Africa

Adésìnà, Jìmí Olálékan


Introduction: The Development of Africa: Issues, Diagnoses and Prognoses
Olayinka Akanle, Jìmí Olálékan Adésìnà
2. Conceptualizing and Framing Realities of Africa’s Development
Abel Akintoye Akintunde, Ayokunle Olumuyiwa Omobowale
3. Africa

Selwyn, Benjamin - The Struggle for Development, e-bok

The Struggle for Development

Selwyn, Benjamin


Why are wealth and poverty two sides of the coin of capitalist development? What can be done to overcome this destructive dynamic?
In this hard-hitting analysis Benjamin Selwyn shows how capitalism generates widespread poverty, gender discrimination and environmental