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Gee, Sunder - Fraud and Fraud Detection: A Data Analytics Approach, e-bok

Fraud and Fraud Detection: A Data Analytics Approach

Gee, Sunder


Detect fraud faster—no matter how well hidden—with IDEA automation
Fraud and Fraud Detection takes an advanced approach to fraud management, providing step-by-step guidance on automating detection and forensics using CaseWare's IDEA software.

Dagon, David - Botnet Detection, e-bok

Botnet Detection

Dagon, David


Botnet Detection Based on Network Behavior
W. Timothy Strayer, David Lapsely, Robert Walsh, Carl Livadas
2. Honeynet-based Botnet Scan Traffic Analysis
Zhichun Li, Anup Goyal, Yan Chen
3. Characterizing Bots’ Remote Control Behavior

Christodorescu, Mihai - Malware Detection, e-bok

Malware Detection

Christodorescu, Mihai


Table of contents
Part I.Overview
1. Malware Evolution: A Snapshot of Threats and Countermeasures in 2005
Brian Witten, Carey Nachenberg
Part II.Software Analysis and Assurance
2. Static Disassembly and Code Analysis
Giovanni Vigna
3. A Next-Generation Platform for Analyzing Executables
Thomas Reps,

Voigtman, Edward - Limits of Detection in Chemical Analysis, e-bok

Limits of Detection in Chemical Analysis

Voigtman, Edward


Details methods for computing valid limits of detection. Clearly explains analytical detection limit theory, thereby mitigating incorrect detection limit concepts, methodologies and results Extensive use of computer

Demir, Mustafa M. - Advanced Sensor and Detection Materials, e-bok

Advanced Sensor and Detection Materials

Demir, Mustafa M.


Presents a comprehensive and interdisciplinary review of the major cutting-edge technology research areas—especially those on new materials and methods as well as advanced structures and properties—for various sensor and detection devices
The development of sensors and detectors at macroscopic or nanometric scale

Honig, Michael L. - Advances in Multiuser Detection, e-bok

Advances in Multiuser Detection

Honig, Michael L.


This book presents an overview of recent activity in the area of multiuser and joint detection techniques. It is made up of tutorial chapters on topics such as fundamental limits, iterative techniques, performance with random signatures, multiuser detection