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Keaveney, Christopher T. - The Cultural Evolution of Postwar Japan, e-bok

The Cultural Evolution of Postwar Japan

Keaveney, Christopher T.


Shouldering Giants: The Presentation of Western Intellectual and Cultural Elite to Interwar Japan
Christopher T. Keaveney
5. Power to the People: Kaizōsha’s Enpon Gamble and the Making of a Publishing Revolution
Christopher T. Keaveney
6. Literary

Straffon, Larissa Mendoza - Cultural Phylogenetics, e-bok

Cultural Phylogenetics

Straffon, Larissa Mendoza


The Applications and Challenges of Cultural Phylogenetics in Archaeology: An Introduction
Larissa Mendoza Straffon
Part I. Concepts and Theories
2. Development and Degeneration: Classification and Evolution of Human

Gantar, Jure - The Evolution of Wilde’s Wit, e-bok

The Evolution of Wilde’s Wit

Gantar, Jure


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jure Gantar
2. Damp Squibs
Jure Gantar
3. Comma in the Afternoon
Jure Gantar
4. The Apparatus for Turning out “Oscarisms”
Jure Gantar
5. Truth on a Tightrope
Jure Gantar

Fowers, Blaine J. - The Evolution of Ethics, e-bok

The Evolution of Ethics

Fowers, Blaine J.


The Expanding Cultural World, Harmony, and Belonging
Blaine J. Fowers
9. The Most Political Animals and Shared Identity
Blaine J. Fowers
10. Conflict, Hierarchy, Social Order, and Status
Blaine J. Fowers
Part III. Conclusion
11. An Aristotelian

Mitra, Subrata K. - Citizenship as Cultural Flow, e-bok

Citizenship as Cultural Flow

Mitra, Subrata K.


Introduction: Citizenship as Cultural Flow—Shifting Paradigms, Hybridization, or Plus ça Change?
Subrata K. Mitra
2. From T.H. Marshall to Jawaharlal Nehru: Citizenship as Vision and Strategy
Jivanta Schoettli
3. Reluctant and Excluded Citizens,

Holbrook, Jarita C. - African Cultural Astronomy, e-bok

African Cultural Astronomy

Holbrook, Jarita C.


The Use of Ethnographic Methods in Cultural Astronomy Research
Barth Chukwuezi
3. A Brief Outline on the Geographical Background of Africa
Basil U. Eze
4. The Astronomical Gnomon
J. McKim Malville
5. Naked-eye Astronomy for Cultural Astronomers

Nagaoka, Masanori - Cultural Landscape Management at Borobudur, Indonesia, e-bok

Cultural Landscape Management at Borobudur, Indonesia

Nagaoka, Masanori


Table of contents
1. Historical Setting of Borobudur
Masanori Nagaoka
2. Concept of Landscape Management at Borobudur in the 1970s
Masanori Nagaoka
3. Buffering Borobudur for Socioeconomic Development in the 1980s: An Approach Distinct from European Value-Based Heritage Management
Masanori Nagaoka

Lee, Ji-Hyun - Morphological Analysis of Cultural DNA, e-bok

Morphological Analysis of Cultural DNA

Lee, Ji-Hyun


A Short Exploratory Essay on the Term ‘Cultural DNA’ from the Perspectives of Physical and Virtual Architecture
Deedee Aram Min, Ji-Hyun Lee
3. Architectural Conservation Based on Its Cultural DNA
Shang-chia Chiou
Part II. Morphological Analysis

Panebianco, Fabrizio - Understanding Cultural Traits, e-bok

Understanding Cultural Traits

Panebianco, Fabrizio


Understanding Cultural Diversity. Culture, Cultural Traits and Cultural Changes Between Global and Local Scales
Vincenzo Matera
3. Cultural Traits and Identity
Ugo E. M. Fabietti
4. The Diffusion of a Museum Exhibit: