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Freestone, Nigel - The Crossroads Quiz Book, e-bok

The Crossroads Quiz Book

Freestone, Nigel


Was the long-running British sitcom Crossroads, compulsive viewing in your house? Can you recall the cast of memorable characters such a Meg Richardson, Sandy and Benny? Was this hugely popular British soap opera one of your family’s all-time favourite TV shows? If so, you are certain

Shambaugh, David - China's Future, e-bok

China's Future

Shambaugh, David


China's future is arguably the most consequential question in global affairs. Having enjoyed unprecedented levels of growth, China is at a critical juncture in the development of its economy, society, polity, national security, and international relations.…

Nolan, Peter - China at the Crossroads, e-bok

China at the Crossroads

Nolan, Peter


This concise and timely book, written by one of the world's leading authorities on China, argues that the country is at a crossroads in its development and explores the challenges that lie ahead.
A concise and timely book about China and its future, which argues that the country it at

Bevolo, Marco - The Golden Crossroads, e-bok

The Golden Crossroads

Bevolo, Marco


Table of contents
1. General introduction
Marco Bevolo
2. The Golden Crossroads Manifesto
Marco Bevolo
Part I. Methodologies and Perspectives
3. The approach taken in this book
Marco Bevolo
4. Diverse perspectives on the fine arts
Marco Bevolo
Part II. Protagonists
5. Psychology of the

Fabiszak, Jacek - Crossroads in Literature and Culture, e-bok

Crossroads in Literature and Culture

Fabiszak, Jacek


Table of contents
1. I See a Voice…
Małgorzata Grzegorzewska
2. A New Territory? Literary Criticism as a Literary Genre
Tymon Adamczewski
3. Cutting into a New World: Reading The Cut Through Slavoj Žižek
Robert Kielawski

O'Brien, Nick - Ombudsmen at the Crossroads, e-bok

Ombudsmen at the Crossroads

O'Brien, Nick


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nick O’Brien, Mary Seneviratne
2. Professional Context and Regulatory Background: “Fat Cats” and Frustrated “Consumers”
Nick O’Brien, Mary Seneviratne
3. The LSO, Market Forces and the Challenge…

Evans, James - Quantum Mechanics at the Crossroads, e-bok

Quantum Mechanics at the Crossroads

Evans, James


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Contexts and Challenges for Quantum Mechanics
James Evans
2. Max Planck’s compromises on the way to and from the Absolute
J. L. Heilbron
3. Atomic Waves in Private Practice
Bruce R. Wheaton

Millar, Victoria - Knowledge at the Crossroads?, e-bok

Knowledge at the Crossroads?

Millar, Victoria


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Researching the Changing World of Education
Lyn Yates, Peter Woelert, Victoria Millar, Kate O’Connor
Part II. Re-thinking and Reform of Education Today—Foundations and Debates
2. Knowledge…