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Lander, Vini - Advancing Race and Ethnicity in Education, e-bok

Advancing Race and Ethnicity in Education

Lander, Vini


Identity Performance and Race: The Use of Critical Race Theory in Understanding Institutional Racism and Discrimination in Schools
Alice Bradbury
3. British Muslim Schools: Institutional Isomorphism and the Transition from

Ono, Kent A. - Asian American Studies After Critical Mass, e-bok

Asian American Studies After Critical Mass

Ono, Kent A.


Asian American Studies After Critical Massis a dynamic collection that showcases the most exciting scholarship in the field from a critical and cultural studies perspective. Comprised of ten original essays written

Leonardo, Zeus - Critical Pedagogy and Race, e-bok

Critical Pedagogy and Race

Leonardo, Zeus


Critical Pedagogy and Race argues that a rigorous engagement with race is a priority for educators concerned with equality in schools and in society.
A landmark collection arguing that engaging with race

Goldberg, David Theo - Sites of Race, e-bok

Sites of Race

Goldberg, David Theo


Critical social theorist and philosopher David Theo Goldberg is one of the defining figures in critical race theory.  His work, unsurpassed in its analytical rigor and political urgency, has helped transform the

Mize, Ronald L. - Latina/o Studies, e-bok

Latina/o Studies

Mize, Ronald L.


Who are Latinos? What’s the difference between Hispanic and Latino – or indeed Latina, Latina/o, Latin@, Latinx? Beyond the political rhetoric and popular culture representations, how can we explore what it means to be part of the largest minority group in the United States?
This compelling book acts as an illuminating