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Krasniak, Michelle - Social Media Optimization For Dummies, e-bok

Social Media Optimization For Dummies

Krasniak, Michelle


Optimize, optimize, optimize to get the most out of your company's social media presence
As it turns out, social media is good for a lot more than funny cat videos, memes, and sharing what you're eating for lunch with the world. As the social

Collier, Marsha - Social Media Commerce For Dummies, e-bok

Social Media Commerce For Dummies

Collier, Marsha


Capture customers and sales with social media commerce
Social media commerce is a booming industry. By using social networks in the context of e-commerce transactions, brands large and small are making their products more available and more convenient

Rosen, Viveka von - LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, e-bok

LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day

Rosen, Viveka von


A step-by-step guide for succeeding on the for ''business'' social media network
LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day helps you create, customize, and optimize a presence on LinkedIn, the world's largest social network

Araújo, Xosé Rúas - Media and Metamedia Management, e-bok

Media and Metamedia Management

Araújo, Xosé Rúas


New Media in the Digital Era
5. Public Information Services in the Digital Era
Miquel Moragas Spà
6. Content Curation in Digital Media: Between Retrospective and Real-Time Information
Javier Guallar
7. The Relationship

Harrison, Steve - Media Space 20 + Years of Mediated Life, e-bok

Media Space 20 + Years of Mediated Life

Harrison, Steve


A Brief History of Media Space Research and Mediated Life
Steve Harrison
3. Section 1: The Social Space
Paul M. Aoki, John C. Tang
4. Creating Assemblies in Media Space: Recent Developments in Enhancing Access to Workspaces
Paul Luff, Hideaki Kuzuoka,