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Katrak, Ketu H. - Contemporary Indian Dance, e-bok

Contemporary Indian Dance

Katrak, Ketu H.


Contested Histories: “Revivals” of Classical Indian Dance and Early Pioneers of Contemporary Indian Dance
Ketu H. Katrak
3. Abstract Dance with Rasa: Pioneers Astad Deboo and Shobana Jeyasingh
Ketu H. Katrak

Alexandre, Jane M. - Dance Leadership, e-bok

Dance Leadership

Alexandre, Jane M.


“I Wanted to Be a Dance Company and Not a Social Project”: Sonia Destri
Jane M. Alexandre
5. “The Outcome Will Be Exciting if the Process Is Exciting”: Urmimala Sarkar Munsi
Jane M. Alexandre
6. “We Found There Were Issues We Had to Address”:

Foster, Susan Leigh - Worlding Dance, e-bok

Worlding Dance

Foster, Susan Leigh


A ‘Material’-ist Reading of the Bharata Natyam Dancing Body: The Possibility of the ‘Unruly Spectator’
Priya Srinivasan
5. Race-ing Choreographic Copyright
Anthea Kraut
6. Choreographies and Choreographers
Susan Leigh Foster
7. Red-Stained

McGrath, Aoife - Dance Matters in Ireland, e-bok

Dance Matters in Ireland

McGrath, Aoife


Revisiting Lunar Parables: Dublin Contemporary Dance Theatre and the Intangible Archive
Emma Meehan
3. On Peregrine Collaborations—Cindy Cummings’ Choreography of Triúr Ban: Woman, Disorientation, Displacement

Arendell, Telory D. - Dance’s Duet with the Camera, e-bok

Dance’s Duet with the Camera

Arendell, Telory D.


Introduction: Dance and Film as Siblings
Telory D. Arendell
Part I. Site/Sight and the Body
2. Location, Location, Location: Dance Film and Site-Specific Dance
Melanie Kloetzel
3. The Feminist Body Reimagined

Akinleye, Adesola - Narratives in Black British Dance, e-bok

Narratives in Black British Dance

Akinleye, Adesola


“I Don’t Do Black-Dance, I Am a Black Dancer”
3. Dance Britannia: The Impact of Global Shifts on Dance in Britain
Christy Adair, Ramsay Burt
4. Negotiating African Diasporic Identity in Dance: Brown

Lansdale, Janet - Decentring Dancing Texts, e-bok

Decentring Dancing Texts

Lansdale, Janet


On the Premises of French Contemporary Dance: Concepts, Collectivity and ‘Trojan Horses’ in the Work of Jérôme Bel and Loïc Touzé
Toni D’Amelio
7. Chasing Voices: Ian Spink’s Dancing Fugue (1988)

Roche, Jennifer - Multiplicity, Embodiment and the Contemporary Dancer, e-bok

Multiplicity, Embodiment and the Contemporary Dancer

Roche, Jennifer


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Dancing Multiplicities
Jennifer Roche
2. Descending into Stillness: Rosemary Butcher
Jennifer Roche
3. Veils within Veils: John Jasperse
Jennifer Roche
4. The Shape Remains: Jodi Melnick
Jennifer Roche
5. From Singular to Multiple: Liz Roche