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Leatherman, Janie L. - Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict, e-bok

Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict

Leatherman, Janie L.

Från 26,75€

Every year, hundreds of thousands of women become victims of sexual violence in conflict zones around the world; in the Democratic Republic of Congo alone, approximately 1,100 rapes are reported each month.

This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the causes, consequences

Scott, Vivian - Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies, e-bok

Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies

Scott, Vivian

Från 20,00€

Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies provides the tools and advice you need to restore peace, train your colleagues to get along better with others, prevent conflicts from ever starting, and maintain better productivity while

Braniff, Máire - Commemoration as Conflict, e-bok

Commemoration as Conflict

Braniff, Máire


A War by Other Means? Commemorating Conflict in the New Northern Ireland
Sara McDowell, Máire Braniff
5. Contested Visions: Memory, Space and Identity in the Basque Country
Sara McDowell, Máire Braniff
6. Challenging the Boundaries of the Sri Lankan