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Rud, Søren - Colonialism in Greenland, e-bok

Colonialism in Greenland

Rud, Søren


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Søren Rud
2. Ethnography, Time, and the Idealization of Tradition
Søren Rud
3. Invoking Tradition as a Governance Strategy: Danish Colonial Policies in the Late Nineteenth Century
Søren Rud

Ben-Ghiat, Ruth - Italian Colonialism, e-bok

Italian Colonialism

Ben-Ghiat, Ruth


The Ideology of Colonialism: Educational Policy and Praxis in Eritrea
Tekeste Negash
11. Mussolini, Libya, and the Sword of Islam
John L. Wright
12. Preservation and Self-Absorption: Italian Colonization and the Walled City of Tripoli, Libya

Hixson, Walter L. - American Settler Colonialism, e-bok

American Settler Colonialism

Hixson, Walter L.


Introduction: Settler Colonialism, History, and Theory
Walter L. Hixson
2. “People from the Unknown World”: The Colonial Encounter and the Acceleration of Violence
Walter L. Hixson
3. “No Savage Shall Inherit the Land”: Settler Colonialism

Bateman, Fiona - Studies in Settler Colonialism, e-bok

Studies in Settler Colonialism

Bateman, Fiona


‘An Unknown and Feeble Body’: How Settler Colonialism Was Theorized in the Nineteenth Century
Tadhg Foley
3. Spenser, Purchas, and the Poetics of Colonial Settlement*
Daniel Carey
4. ‘Dycheyng and Hegeying’: The Material Culture of the Tudor

Tricoire, Damien - Enlightened Colonialism, e-bok

Enlightened Colonialism

Tricoire, Damien


Enlightened Colonialism? French Assimilationism, Silencing, and Colonial Fantasy on Madagascar
Damien Tricoire
Part II. From Civilizing to Assimilationist Policy
4. Portuguese Indigenous Policy and Indigenous Politics in the Age of Enlightenment: Assimilationist

Mohanty, Satya P. - Colonialism, Modernity, and Literature, e-bok

Colonialism, Modernity, and Literature

Mohanty, Satya P.


Introduction: Viewing Colonialism and Modernity through Indian Literature
Satya P. Mohanty
Part I. Views from Below: Comparing Literary Perspectives
2. Critical Realisms in the Global South: Narrative Transculturation in Senapati’s Six Acres and a Third

Edmonds, Penelope - Settler Colonialism and (Re)conciliation, e-bok

Settler Colonialism and (Re)conciliation

Edmonds, Penelope


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Performing (Re)conciliation in Settler Societies
Penelope Edmonds
2. ‘Polishing the chain of friendship’: Two Row Wampum Renewal Celebrations and Matters of History
Penelope Edmonds
3. ‘This…

O’Brien, Anne - Philanthropy and Settler Colonialism, e-bok

Philanthropy and Settler Colonialism

O’Brien, Anne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anne O’Brien
2. Governing and the Philanthropic Disposition
Anne O’Brien
3. The Democratic Moment
Anne O’Brien
4. An ‘Age of Philanthropy’?
Anne O’Brien
5. Prevention and…

Gilmour, Rachael - Grammars of Colonialism, e-bok

Grammars of Colonialism

Gilmour, Rachael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rachael Gilmour
2. Language in the Land of the ‘Hottentots’ and ‘Caffres’: European Travellers to the Eastern Cape, 1652–1806
Rachael Gilmour
3. Of Translation and Transformation: The Beginning…