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Jackson, Sue - Gendered Choices, e-bok

Gendered Choices

Jackson, Sue


Women’s Women’s Choices choices Shattered: Impact impact of Gender Violence violence on Universities

Gallego, Maria - The Political Economy of Social Choices, e-bok

The Political Economy of Social Choices

Gallego, Maria


Table of contents
1. Autocratic Health Versus Democratic Health: Different Outcome Variables for Health as a Factor Versus Health as a Right
Dina Rosenberg, Olga Shvetsova
2. Comparison of Voting Procedures Using Models of Electoral Competition…

Luk-Fong, Pattie, Yuk Yee, - Teachers' Identities and Life Choices, e-bok

Teachers' Identities and Life Choices

Luk-Fong, Pattie, Yuk Yee,


Teachers’ Professional Identities and Career Choices when Education Reforms Meet with Confucian Cultural Heritage in Education
Pattie, Yuk Yee, Luk-Fong
8. Midlife Secondary Female Teachers’ Identities, Work and Work–Life Interface
Pattie, Yuk

Caborn, Anne - Values and Choices in Television Discourse, e-bok

Values and Choices in Television Discourse

Caborn, Anne


Table of contents
Part I. The Analysis of the Television Product
1. Promotional Videos
Monika Bednarek, Helen Caple
2. Evaluation as Positioning in English Language World News Channels
Alison Duguid
3. Camera Angles in Television…

Ferramosca, Silvia - Accounting Choices in Family Firms, e-bok

Accounting Choices in Family Firms

Ferramosca, Silvia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Silvia Ferramosca, Alessandro Ghio
2. The Family Business
Silvia Ferramosca, Alessandro Ghio
3. Earnings Management in Family Firms
Silvia Ferramosca, Alessandro Ghio
4. Accounting Conservatism…