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Aston, Elaine - Staging International Feminisms, e-bok

Staging International Feminisms

Aston, Elaine


Table of contents
1. Staging International Feminisms: Introduction
Elaine Aston, Sue-Ellen Case
Part I. Cartographies
2. Bloody Aprons: Suzan-Lori Parks, Deborah Warner and Feminist Performance in the Age of Globalisation
Elin Diamond

LeCroy, Craig Winston - Case Studies in Social Work Practice, e-bok

Case Studies in Social Work Practice

LeCroy, Craig Winston


Each of the book's nine sections begins with an overview section, followed by a number of case studies, each representing a particular context and environment that social work students may encounter in the field. This collection

Kössel, Reinhart - Development from Below: A Namibian Case Study, e-bok

Development from Below: A Namibian Case Study

Kössel, Reinhart


This Discussion Paper offers a revised lecture by Reinhart Kössler, which was originally presented to a Research Forum organised by The Nordic Africa Institute jointly with the Seminar for Development Studies of Uppsala University. It deals with aspects of rebuilding societies from below

Priller, Josef - Neuropsychiatry Case Studies, e-bok

Neuropsychiatry Case Studies

Priller, Josef


Puzzling Case: Is the Answer in the Genes?
Emma Devenney, John Hodges
Part II. Movement Disorders
9. Hallucinations in Parkinson’s Disease
Roger A. Barker, Gemma Cummins
10. Parkinsons and Parasomnias
Hugh Selsick
11. The Possible Talents

Strmčnik, Stanko - Case Studies in Control, e-bok

Case Studies in Control

Strmčnik, Stanko


Table of contents
1. Theory Versus Practice
Stanko Strmčnik, Ðani Juričić, Janko Petrovčič, Vladimir Jovan
Part I. From Theory Towards Practice
2. Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems Using a Piecewise-Linear Hammerstein…

Tatum, William O. - Epilepsy Case Studies, e-bok

Epilepsy Case Studies

Tatum, William O.


Table of contents
1. Epileptic Spasms
Elaine Wirrell
2. Pyridoxine-Dependent Epilepsy
Lily Wong-Kisiel
3. Febrile Seizures
Harry S. Abram
4. Childhood Absence Epilepsy
Raj D. Sheth
5. Lennox–Gastaut Syndrome

Hahne, Florian - Bioconductor Case Studies, e-bok

Bioconductor Case Studies

Hahne, Florian


Table of contents
1. The ALL Dataset
F. Hahne, R. Gentleman
2. R and Bioconductor Introduction
R. Gentleman, F. Hahne, S. Falcon, M. Morgan
3. Processing Affymetrix Expression Data
R. Gentleman, W. Huber
4. Two Color Arrays