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Reinheimer, Stefan - Business-IT-Alignment, e-bok


Reinheimer, Stefan


Zum Status Quo im Business-IT-Alignment: Ergebnisse einer Studie unter deutschen IT Top Managern
Volker Nissen, Frank Terner
5. Evolution von Informationssystemen in Konzernen: das Beispiel der IT-Konsolidierung

Abramowicz, Witold - Business Information Systems, e-bok

Business Information Systems

Abramowicz, Witold


Agreeing While Disagreeing, a Best Practice for Business Ontology Development
Emanuele Valle, Irene Celino, Dario Cerizza
8. Modeling and Using Polish Legal Knowledge - Commercial Companies Code Ontology
Piotr Stolarski, Tadeusz Tomaszewski
9. A Supply

Udell, Laurence - The Next Level, e-bok

The Next Level

Udell, Laurence


The Next Level is not a conventional business book. It sets out to challenge assumptions and offers an alternative approach to old, traditional ways of business thinking. This book takes a refreshingly new look at how you, as a Leader, can achieve success

Taticchi, Paolo - Business Performance Measurement and Management, e-bok

Business Performance Measurement and Management

Taticchi, Paolo


How Small Firms in the High Quality Food Sector Can Improve Their Business Performance: The Ligurian Oil Case Study
Giorgio Locatelli, Mauro Mancini
7. How to Use Different Measures for Different Purposes: A Holistic Performance Management Model for Public

Ardagna, Danilo - Business Process Management Workshops, e-bok

Business Process Management Workshops

Ardagna, Danilo


Introduction to the Fourth Workshop on Business Process Design (BPD 2008)
Hajo A. Reijers, Selma Limam Mansar, Michael Rosemann
2. Detecting Regulatory Compliance for Business Process Models through Semantic Annotations