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Demand, Books on - Nuoruus. Nyt.: Kirjoituksia nuoruudesta, e-bok

Nuoruus. Nyt.: Kirjoituksia nuoruudesta

Demand, Books on


Miltä näyttää tämän päivän nuoruus? BoD:n ja Lukufiiliksen kirjoituskilpailussa 13–19-vuotiaita pyydettiin kertomaan nuoruudesta juuri nyt. Kilpailuun osallistuneissa teksteissä pohditaan nuoruutta käännekohtana, eroja ja ristiriitoja nuoruuden,…

Swift, Jonathan - The Battle Of the Books, e-bok

The Battle Of the Books

Swift, Jonathan


Jonathan Swift’s The Battle of the Books is a heroic and satirical poem in which Swift speak of the dispute about the superiority of ancient times on modern ones. In his opinion, once experienced, all the time becomes inferior, and so he looked over the old days as the superior ones because

Blades, William - The Enemies of Books, e-bok

The Enemies of Books

Blades, William


A fascinating look at the myriad enemies of the printed book, from fire, to neglect, to children, to the bookworm, to plain old ignorance. A passionate litany against all who would see printed literature destroyed, written by English printer and bibliographer…

Fishburn, Matthew - Burning Books, e-bok

Burning Books

Fishburn, Matthew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Matthew Fishburn
2. The Fear of Books
Matthew Fishburn
3. The Burning of the Books
Matthew Fishburn
4. The Library of the Burned Books
Matthew Fishburn
5. To Hell with Culture
Matthew Fishburn
6. ‘Swing, They’re Burning Books’
Matthew Fishburn

Drayson, Elizabeth - The Lead Books of Granada, e-bok

The Lead Books of Granada

Drayson, Elizabeth


Table of contents
1. A Mystery Unfolds
Elizabeth Drayson
2. Books of Spells or Sacred Revelations?
Elizabeth Drayson
3. History, Religion, Culture: Contextualizing Sixteenth-Century Granada
Elizabeth Drayson
4. Prime Suspect: Alonso del Castillo
Elizabeth Drayson
5. Miguel de Luna — Hoaxer,

Klug, Sonja Ulrike - Corporate Books, e-bok

Corporate Books

Klug, Sonja Ulrike


Corporate Books funktionieren anders als Werbung
Sonja Ulrike Klug
2. Industrie-Unternehmen publizieren ihre Geschichte(n)
Sonja Ulrike Klug
3. Dienstleister publizieren Expertenwissen
Sonja Ulrike Klug
4. Die strategische Planung: Ihr Projekt

Douglas, Ann - The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, e-bok

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

Douglas, Ann


The ultimate guide to conception, birth, and everything in between
Unlike those other bossy, tell-you-what-to-do pregnancy books, this funny, entertaining guide presents expectant parents with all the facts they need to know about conception, birth, and everything in between. Celebrating