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Broderick, Patricia A. - Bioimaging in Neurodegeneration, e-bok

Bioimaging in Neurodegeneration

Broderick, Patricia A.


Table of contents
I.Parkinson’s Disease
1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Parkinson’s Disease
W. R. Wayne Martin
2. Positron Emission Tomography and Single-Photon Emission Tomography in the Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease
Paul D. Acton
3. Positron Emission Tomography

Long, Nicholas - The Chemistry of Molecular Imaging, e-bok

The Chemistry of Molecular Imaging

Long, Nicholas


Molecular imaging is primarily about the chemistry of novel biological probes, yet the vast majority of practitioners are not chemists or biochemists. This is the first book, written from a chemist's point of view, to address the nature of the chemical…

Chang, Huan-Cheng - Fluorescent Nanodiamonds, e-bok

Fluorescent Nanodiamonds

Chang, Huan-Cheng


The most comprehensive reference on fluorescent nanodiamond physical and chemical properties and contemporary applications
Fluorescent nanodiamonds (FNDs) have drawn a great deal of attention over the past several years, and their applications and…

Jelinek, Raz - Carbon Quantum Dots, e-bok

Carbon Quantum Dots

Jelinek, Raz


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Raz Jelinek
2. Carbon-Dot Synthesis
Raz Jelinek
3. Characterization and Physical Properties of Carbon-Dots
Raz Jelinek
4. Biological Applications of Carbon-Dots
Raz Jelinek
5. Bioimaging Applications of Carbon-Dots
Raz Jelinek
6. Carbon-Dots in Sensing

Chen, Xueyuan - Lanthanide-Doped Luminescent Nanomaterials, e-bok

Lanthanide-Doped Luminescent Nanomaterials

Chen, Xueyuan


Table of contents
1. A General Introduction to Lanthanide Ions
Xueyuan Chen, Yongsheng Liu, Datao Tu
2. Size Effect on the Luminescence of Lanthanide Ions in Nanoparticles
Xueyuan Chen, Yongsheng Liu, Datao Tu
3. Controlled Synthesis of Lanthanide-Doped Nanoparticles
Xueyuan Chen, Yongsheng Liu, Datao