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Larkin, Hugh - The Ashes Quiz Book, e-bok

The Ashes Quiz Book

Larkin, Hugh


Are you a cricket fan? Do you eagerly await the biennial Test cricket series between England and Australia? Are you an expert on all the facts and figures relating to the Ashes? If so, you are certain to want to have a go at answering the 250 challenging questions in The Ashes

Jupp, Peter C. - From Dust to Ashes, e-bok

From Dust to Ashes

Jupp, Peter C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter C. Jupp
2. How the Church Lost Its Monopoly of Burial, 1820–1852
Peter C. Jupp
3. Cremation Legalised, 1852–1884
Peter C. Jupp
4. The Early Years of Cremation, 1884–1914

Insam, Heribert - Recycling of Biomass Ashes, e-bok

Recycling of Biomass Ashes

Insam, Heribert


Recycling of Biomass Ashes: Current Technologies and Future Research Needs
Brigitte Amalia Knapp, Heribert Insam
2. Phosphorus Fertilizing Effects of Biomass Ashes
Katja Schiemenz, Jürgen Kern, Hans-Marten Paulsen, Silvia Bachmann, Bettina Eichler-Löbermann

Pearson, Adam - The Cricket Quiz Book, e-bok

The Cricket Quiz Book

Pearson, Adam


Your innings will require you to recall facts and figures relating to every possible aspect of the game of cricket from players to umpires and national to international matches, together with all kinds of trivia, so you could very easily find yourself in a real spin and may need to enlist the help of friends

Knight, Julian - Cricket For Dummies, e-bok

Cricket For Dummies

Knight, Julian

Från 21,10€

Completely revised and updated for the first back-to-back Ashes series in 38 years, this hands-on guide gives you clear explanations of the cricket's laws, step-by-step explanations of techniques and tactics, and exciting coverage of the tournaments, global rivalries,

Larkin, Hugh - 101 Quirky Cricket Facts, e-bok

101 Quirky Cricket Facts

Larkin, Hugh


Do you like cricket? Are you interested in cricket related trivia? Would you like to find out more about the history of this popular team game? If so, you are sure to enjoy 101 Quirky Cricket Facts? Why are the wickets in the game of cricket called ‘stumps’?…

Cordle, Daniel - Late Cold War Literature and Culture, e-bok

Late Cold War Literature and Culture

Cordle, Daniel


From the Ashes: Society and Economy in Nuclear Literature
Daniel Cordle
7. Burning Books: Textual Preoccupations of Nuclear and Postmodern Culture
Daniel Cordle
8. Conclusion: Between the Wars
Daniel Cordle

Clark, Jonathan - The Interpretation of Samuel Johnson, e-bok

The Interpretation of Samuel Johnson

Clark, Jonathan


Fire under the Ashes: Johnson’s Lives of the Poets as Narratives of History
Howard Erskine-Hill
7. Johnson, Macpherson and the Memoirs of the Marshal Duke of Berwick
Niall MacKenzie
8. Conclusion
Jonathan Clark