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Nafie, Larry - Vibrational Optical Activity: Principles and Applications, e-bok

Vibrational Optical Activity: Principles and Applications

Nafie, Larry


This unique book stands as the only comprehensive introduction to vibrational optical activity (VOA) and is the first single book that serves as a complete reference for this relatively new, but increasingly important area of molecular spectroscopy.
Key features:A single-source reference

Hoffmann, Michael H.G. - Activity and Sign, e-bok

Activity and Sign

Hoffmann, Michael H.G.


Table of contents
1. Grounding Mathematics Education
Michael H. G. Hoffmann, Johannes Lenhard, Falk Seeger
2. Mathematics, Sign and Activity
Michael Otte
A.. Sign Processes
3. Agency and Creativity in the Semiotics of Learning Mathematics

Boucsein, Wolfram - Electrodermal Activity, e-bok

Electrodermal Activity

Boucsein, Wolfram


Table of contents
1. Principles of Electrodermal Phenomena
Wolfram Boucsein
2. Methods of Electrodermal Recording
Wolfram Boucsein
3. Applications of Electrodermal Recording
Wolfram Boucsein

Biech, Elaine - The Book of Road-Tested Activities, e-bok

The Book of Road-Tested Activities

Biech, Elaine


Enhance your toolkit with the best of the best—100+ tested and perfected activities guaranteed to succeed
"A treasured collection with some never-before-seen tools and activities to increase participation and retention for your learners. . . .

Quin, Caroline - Weather (Activities for 3–5 Year Olds), e-bok

Weather (Activities for 3–5 Year Olds)

Quin, Caroline


Weather: Activities for 3–5 Year Olds contains enjoyable activities to help develop children's essential skills. Weather is with us all the time, every minute of every day, all around the world. Weather provides ideas for helping to raise children's

Leleu, Sinead - French Speaking Activities (KS3), e-bok

French Speaking Activities (KS3)

Leleu, Sinead

Från 14,65€

Wouldn’t you love your pupils to have meaningful conversations with each other in French? French Speaking Activities contains 60 time-saving photocopiable activities for promoting oral communication. Activities