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McGillivray, Mark - Achieving the Millennium Development Goals, e-bok

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

McGillivray, Mark


The Millennium Development Goals: Overview, Progress and Prospects
Mark McGillivray
2. Projecting Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals
Howard White, Nina Blöndal
3. Achieving Health, Wealth and Wisdom: Links between Aid and the Millennium

Crowther, David - The Goals of Sustainable Development, e-bok

The Goals of Sustainable Development

Crowther, David


Responsibility and Governance in Achieving Sustainability
David Crowther, Shahla Seifi, Abdul Moyeen
Part I. Theorising the Relationship
2. ‘People, Planet, Profits’ and Perception Politics: A Necessary Fourth (and Fifth) Bottom Line? Critiquing the

Clarke, Matthew - The Millennium Development Goals and Beyond, e-bok

The Millennium Development Goals and Beyond

Clarke, Matthew


The Millennium Development Goals in the Asia-Pacific: An Introduction
Simon Feeny, Matthew Clarke
2. The Role of Foreign Aid in Achieving the MDGs
Simon Feeny, Matthew Clarke
3. The Role of Non-Governmental Organisations in Achieving the MDGs