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Croxton, Derek - Westphalia, e-bok


Croxton, Derek


Table of contents
Part I. Background
1. Introduction
Derek Croxton
2. The Thirty Years’ War
Derek Croxton
3. Origins of the Congress of Westphalia
Derek Croxton
4. Governments and Goals
Derek Croxton
5. Structures

Larkins, Jeremy - From Hierarchy to Anarchy, e-bok

From Hierarchy to Anarchy

Larkins, Jeremy


Introduction: Territoriality, Westphalia, and International Relations
Jeremy Larkins
2. International Relations, Political Theory, and the Territorial State
Jeremy Larkins
3. Theorizing Territoriality: Discourse, Culture, History
Jeremy Larkins

Beck, Ulrich - Cosmopolitan Europe, e-bok

Cosmopolitan Europe

Beck, Ulrich


Just as the Peace of Westphalia brought the religious civil wars of the seventeenth century to an end through the separation of church and state, so too the separation of state and nation represents the appropriate response to the horrors of

Hall, John R. - International Orders, e-bok

International Orders

Hall, John R.


Theories and evidence are deployed to examine: the emergence of the European states system; the development of the European state from Westphalia to the rise of Nazism; and the emergence and impact of the Cold War. Throughout, the theories of world order are examined,

Dunn, Kevin C. - Africa's Challenge to International Relations Theory, e-bok

Africa's Challenge to International Relations Theory

Dunn, Kevin C.


Mahmud Challenging Westphalia: Issues of Sovereignty and Identity in Southern Africa; S.J.MacLean The Brothers Grim: Modernity and 'International' Relations in Southern Africa; L.Swatuk PART III: IMPLICATIONS AND POLICY RAMIFICATIONS Reconceptualizing United States'