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Motte, R. - My Broken Vessel, e-bok

My Broken Vessel

Motte, R.


Does it start from the cradle? Or does it start from the normal school-day when something outnormal was found on the back of the hand? Did it start some other day? Whether the day is anyway, truth is that there's no escape of the happenings caused by the ruptures on the vessel. In

Goronzy, Jorg J. - Inflammatory Diseases of Blood Vessels, e-bok

Inflammatory Diseases of Blood Vessels

Goronzy, Jorg J.

Från 177,30€

In recent years, considerable progress has been made in understanding the vasculitic diseases, largely due to the introduction of effective treatments for diseases that were once uniformly fatal, the conduct of structured clinical studies, and advances…

Bartolozzi, Carlo - MRI of the Heart and Vessels, e-bok

MRI of the Heart and Vessels

Bartolozzi, Carlo


Table of contents
1. Physical principles of imaging with magnetic resonance
Maria Filomena Santarelli
2. Techniques of fast MR imaging for studying the cardiovascular system
Maria Filomena Santarelli
3. Post-processing
Vincenzo Positano
4. Contrast agents in cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Annaratone, Donatello - Pressure Vessel Design, e-bok

Pressure Vessel Design

Annaratone, Donatello


Table of contents
1. Preliminary Considerations
2. General Calculation Criteria
3. Cylinders Under Internal Pressure
4. Cylinders Under External Pressure
5. Spherical Vessels
6. Heads
7. Special Components and Tubes
8. The Influence…

Vullo, Vincenzo - Circular Cylinders and Pressure Vessels, e-bok

Circular Cylinders and Pressure Vessels

Vullo, Vincenzo


Table of contents
1. Thin-Walled Circular Cylinders Under Internal and/or External Pressure and Stressed in the Linear Elastic Range
Vincenzo Vullo
2. Instability of Thin-Walled Circular Cylinders Under External Pressure
Vincenzo Vullo

White, John DT - 705 Things You May Not Have Known About the Titanic, e-bok

705 Things You May Not Have Known About the Titanic

White, John DT


Full of fascinating facts, the book covers every aspect of the Titanic’s history from the vessel’s design and launch, the passengers and crew, through to hitting the iceberg and the events beyond. Published in the centenary year 2012, this book is a fitting tribute