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Flores, Imer B. - Law, Liberty, and the Rule of Law, e-bok

Law, Liberty, and the Rule of Law

Flores, Imer B.


Law, Liberty and the Rule of Law (in a Constitutional Democracy)
Imer B. Flores
7. The Rule of Law: Is the Line Between the Formal and the Moral Blurred?
Gülriz Uygur
8. Political Deliberation and Constitutional

Ávila, Humberto - Certainty in Law, e-bok

Certainty in Law

Ávila, Humberto


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Humberto Ávila
Part I. Meaning of Legal Certainty
2. Non-legal Certainty
Humberto Ávila
3. Legal Certainty
Humberto Ávila
Part II. Justification of Legal Certainty
4. Foundations in the Constitutional Superstructure: As a Totality
Humberto Ávila

Shecaira, Fábio P. - Legal Scholarship as a Source of Law, e-bok

Legal Scholarship as a Source of Law

Shecaira, Fábio P.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fábio Shecaira
2. What is a Source of Law?
Fábio Shecaira
3. Sources and Reasons
Fábio Shecaira
4. Legal Scholarship as a Source of Law
Fábio Shecaira
5. Formalism and the Use of Legal Scholarship
Fábio Shecaira
6. Normative Questions

Novak, Marko - The Type Theory of Law, e-bok

The Type Theory of Law

Novak, Marko


Understanding Law and Legal Practice Through Jungian Type Theory
Marko Novak
3. Historical Types of Law
Marko Novak
4. Psychological-Typological Reading of Integral Theories of Law
Marko Novak
5. The Type Theory of Law
Marko Novak

Wagner, Anne - Law, Culture and Visual Studies, e-bok

Law, Culture and Visual Studies

Wagner, Anne


Devising Law: On the Philosophy of Legal Emblems
Peter Goodrich
2. Law and Image: Towards a Theory of Nomograms
Paolo Heritier
3. The Book as Authoritative Sign in Seventeenth-Century England: A Review Through the Lens of Holistic Media Theory

Contreras, Francisco José - The Threads of Natural Law, e-bok

The Threads of Natural Law

Contreras, Francisco José


Natural Law: Autonomous or Heteronomous? The Thomistic Perspective
Diego Poole
4. The Competing Sources of Aquinas’ Natural Law: Aristotle, Roman Law and the Early Christian Fathers
Anna Taitslin
5. God and Natural

Foster, Charles - Identity, Personhood and the Law, e-bok

Identity, Personhood and the Law

Foster, Charles


Table of contents
1. Introducing Identity, Personhood and Authenticity
Charles Foster, Jonathan Herring
2. Theories of Personhood
Charles Foster, Jonathan Herring
3. A Relational Account of Personhood
Charles Foster, Jonathan Herring
4. Identity Theories
Charles Foster, Jonathan Herring

Mathis, Klaus - Law and Economics in Europe, e-bok

Law and Economics in Europe

Mathis, Klaus


To What Extent Is the Opposition Between Civil Law and Common Law Relevant for Law and Economics?
Régis Lanneau
3. Comparative Study of Legal Reasoning in Swiss and UK Courts
Lynn Watkins
Part II. Economic and