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Ventura, Carlos E. - Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 4, e-bok

Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 4

Ventura, Carlos E.


Table of contents
1. Correlation of Structural Strain to Tip Vorticity and Lift for a MAV Pliant Membrane Wing
Trenton Carpenter, Cody Ray, Roberto Albertani
2. Deformation Mapping at the Microstructural Length Scale
Adam Kammers, Samantha Daly
3. Molecular Tailoring of Interfacial Adhesion Using Self-Assembled

Denier, James P. - Mechanics Down Under, e-bok

Mechanics Down Under

Denier, James P.


Plasto-Mechanics of Large Deformation under Impact Loading
N. K. Gupta
6. Onset of Oscillatory Thermocapillary Convection
W. R. Hu, Z. M. Tang
7. Instabilities of Flows through Deformable Tubes and Channels
O. E. Jensen
8. Surface Bubbles in

Kounadis, Anthony N. - Recent Advances in Mechanics, e-bok

Recent Advances in Mechanics

Kounadis, Anthony N.


Experimental Mechanics in Nano-engineering
Cesar A. Sciammarella, Federico M. Sciammarella, Luciano Lamberti
16. Advanced Cement Based Nanocomposites
S. P. Shah, M. S. Konsta-Gdoutos, Z. S. Metaxa
17. Application of Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry

Allen, David H. - How Mechanics Shaped the Modern World, e-bok

How Mechanics Shaped the Modern World

Allen, David H.


Continuum Mechanics, Art and Structures
David H. Allen
10. Weather
David H. Allen
11. Life Cycles
David H. Allen
12. The Quality of Our Lives
David H. Allen
13. Mechanics Today
David H. Allen
14. The Future of Mechanics

Soltakhanov, Shervani Kh. - Mechanics of non-holonomic systems, e-bok

Mechanics of non-holonomic systems

Soltakhanov, Shervani Kh.


Table of contents
1. Holonomic Systems
Shervani Kh. Soltakhanov, Mikhail P. Yushkov, Sergei A. Zegzhda
2. Nonholonomic Systems
Shervani Kh. Soltakhanov, Mikhail P. Yushkov, Sergei A. Zegzhda
3. Linear Transformation Of Forces

Romano, Antonio - Continuum Mechanics, e-bok

Continuum Mechanics

Romano, Antonio


Table of contents
1. Nonlinear Elasticity
Antonio Romano, Addolorata Marasco
2. Micropolar Elasticity
Antonio Romano, Addolorata Marasco
3. Continuous System with a Nonmaterial Interface
Antonio Romano, Addolorata Marasco

Barber, J.R. - Contact Mechanics, e-bok

Contact Mechanics

Barber, J.R.


Table of contents
1. Kinematics of Contact
J. R. Barber
2. Three-Dimensional Frictionless Elastic Problems
J. R. Barber
3. Hertzian Contact
J. R. Barber
4. More General Problems for the Half-Space
J. R. Barber
5. Axisymmetric…

Elishakoff, Isaac - Nondeterministic Mechanics, e-bok

Nondeterministic Mechanics

Elishakoff, Isaac


Bounding Uncertainty in Civil Engineering: Theoretical Background and Applications
Alberto Bernardini, Fulvio Tonon
Part 3. Combined Methods
6. Combined Methods in Nondeterministic Mechanics
Michael Oberguggenberger