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Barreiros, Miguel - QOS-Enabled Networks: Tools and Foundations, e-bok

QOS-Enabled Networks: Tools and Foundations

Barreiros, Miguel


With a foreword by Kannan Kothandaraman
"This is the first book about QOS that I actually enjoyed reading precisely because the authors focused on real-life QoS and not in academic discussions about it."
Per Nihlen, IP Network Manager, NORDUnet…

Debes, Norbert - Secrets of the Oracle Database, e-bok

Secrets of the Oracle Database

Debes, Norbert


Alter Session/System Set Events
Norbert Debes
14. Alter Session Set Current_Schema
Norbert Debes
15. Alter User Identified By Values
Norbert Debes
16. Select For Update Skip Locked
Norbert Debes

Wang, Chonggang - AccessNets, e-bok


Wang, Chonggang


Supporting Session and Access Point Mobility in a Large Multi-provider Multi-vendor Municipal WiFi Network
Timo Ojala, Toni Hakanen, Ossi Salmi, Mikko Kenttälä, Juha Tiensyrjä
8. A Fast MAC-Layer Handover for an IEEE 802.16e-Based WMAN
Sayan K. Ray,

Lobiyal, Daya K. - Next-Generation Networks, e-bok

Next-Generation Networks

Lobiyal, Daya K.


High-Speed TCP Session Tracking Using Multiprocessor Environments
B. S. Bindhumadhava, Kanchan Bokil, Sankalp Bagaria, Praveen D. Ampatt
46. Integrated Next-Generation Network Security Model
Rajesh Kumar Meena, Harnidh

Mishra, Krishn K. - Ambient Communications and Computer Systems, e-bok

Ambient Communications and Computer Systems

Mishra, Krishn K.


Improved TCP Congestion Control Algorithm for LTE SDN Networks
Pooja Chahal, Kavita Rathi
22. Convergence of Bidirectional PON with Single-Sink Wireless Sensor Network Using Queue Theory
Love Kumar, Amarpal Singh, Vishal Sharma
23. Combined MST-Graph