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Hofmann, Philip - Solid State Physics: An Introduction, e-bok

Solid State Physics: An Introduction

Hofmann, Philip


Filling a gap in the literature for a brief course in solid state physics, this is a clear and concise introduction that not only describes all the basic phenomena and concepts, but also discusses such advanced issues

Hall, H. E. - Solid State Physics, e-bok

Solid State Physics

Hall, H. E.


This Second Edition is aimed at students taking a firstcourse in this subject, although it will also be of interest toprofessional physicists and electronic engineers requiring a graspof the fundamentals of this important area of physics. Basicconcepts are introduced in an easily accessible

Schattke, Wolfgang - Solid-State Photoemission and Related Methods, e-bok

Solid-State Photoemission and Related Methods

Schattke, Wolfgang


The work addresses the geometric and electronic structure of solid surfaces and interfaces, theoretical methods for direct computation of spectra, experimental techniques for data acquisition, and physical models for direct data interpretation. It also includes such

Schwoerer, Markus - Organic Molecular Solids, e-bok

Organic Molecular Solids

Schwoerer, Markus


This is the first comprehensive textbook on the physical aspects of organic solids. All phenomena which are necessary in order to understand modern technical applications are being dealt with in a way which makes the concepts of the topics accessible for students. The chapters - from the

Chaplot, S. L. - Thermodynamic Properties of Solids: Experiments and Modeling, e-bok

Thermodynamic Properties of Solids: Experiments and Modeling

Chaplot, S. L.


Recent years have seen a growing interest in the field of thermodynamic properties of solids due to the development of advanced experimental and modeling tools. Predicting structural phase transitions and thermodynamic properties find important applications in condensed matter and materials

Sernelius, Bo E. - Surface Modes in Physics, e-bok

Surface Modes in Physics

Sernelius, Bo E.


This book is a useful and elegant approach to the topic, showing how the concept of electromagnetic modes can be developed as a unifying theme for a range of condensed matter physics. The author concentrates in finding out the basic origin of the force and how they

Moliton, Andre - Solid-State Physics for Electronics, e-bok

Solid-State Physics for Electronics

Moliton, Andre

Från 175,55€

The book opens with an introduction to the basic applied physics of simple electronic states and energy levels. Silicon and copper, the building blocks for many electronic devices, are used as examples. Next, more advanced theories