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Calkins, Cynthia - Sexual Violence, e-bok

Sexual Violence

Calkins, Cynthia


Overview of Sexual Offender Typologies, Recidivism, and Treatment
Brandy L. Blasko
Part I. Sex Offender Policies
3. Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)
Kristen Zgoba, Deborah Ragbir
4. Residence Restrictions
Jill S. Levenson,

Owton, Helen - Sexual Abuse in Sport, e-bok

Sexual Abuse in Sport

Owton, Helen


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
Helen Owton
2. Introducing Bella and Collaborative Autoethnography
Helen Owton
3. The Grooming Process in Sport
Helen Owton
4. Sexual Assault and Rape in Sport
Helen Owton
5. Athlete Domestic Violence in Sport
Helen Owton
6. Recovering

Bang, Brandy - Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, e-bok

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Bang, Brandy


Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Brandy Bang, Paige L. Baker, Alexis Carpinteri, Vincent B. Van Hasselt
3. Victimology
Brandy Bang, Paige L. Baker, Alexis Carpinteri, Vincent B. Van Hasselt
4. Child Trafficking
Brandy Bang, Paige L. Baker,

Apostolou, Menelaos - Sexual Selection in Homo sapiens, e-bok

Sexual Selection in Homo sapiens

Apostolou, Menelaos


Table of contents
1. Sexual Selection Forces
Menelaos Apostolou
2. Parent-Offspring Conflict over Mating
Menelaos Apostolou
3. The Model of Parental Choice
Menelaos Apostolou
4. Sexual Selection Under Parental Choice in Hunting and Gathering Societies
Menelaos Apostolou
5. Sexual Selection

McCartan, Kieran - Responding to Sexual Offending, e-bok

Responding to Sexual Offending

McCartan, Kieran


Community-Based Management of Sexual Offender Risk: Options and Opportunities
Robin J. Wilson, David S. Prescott
3. Female Sex Offenders: Gender and Risk Perception
Ian A. Elliott, Alexandra Bailey
4. New Technologies, ‘Risk’ and Sexual Offending

Peakman, Julie - Sexual Perversions, 1670–1890, e-bok

Sexual Perversions, 1670–1890

Peakman, Julie


Staging Perversion: The Restoration’s Sexual Allegory of (Un)civil War
Becky McLaughlin
3. Objects of Desire, Identity and Eros in the Writings of Lord Hervey and Charlotte Charke
Marilyn Morris
4. The Woman in Man’s Clothes and the Pleasures of