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Moore, Pete - Being Me: What it Means to be Human, e-bok

Being Me: What it Means to be Human

Moore, Pete


Through discussions with individuals whose lives help us to focus on individual aspects of our make up, Moore explores the difficult issues that are facing us.
This book provides a timely reminder that technology cannot be separated from its impact on real

Lévêque, Christian - Biodiversity, e-bok


Lévêque, Christian


The title provides an overview of the current knowledge about the diversity of the living world and the various problems associated with its conservation and sustainable use. Covering both the fundamentals of the subject, along with the latest research,…

Dardel, Frédéric - Bioinformatics: Genomics and Post-Genomics, e-bok

Bioinformatics: Genomics and Post-Genomics

Dardel, Frédéric


This book is an excellent introductory text describing the use of bioinformatics to analyze genomic and post-genomic data. It has been translated from the original popular French edition, which was based on a course taught at the well-respected École…

UNKNOWN - Environmental Change and Human Health, e-bok

Environmental Change and Human Health



Discusses those aspects of environmental change which might have direct or indirect effects on human health. Includes discussions on water pollution, agricultural pollution, genetic disease and exotic tropical diseases as well as human nutrition and population…