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Ring, Johannes - Atopic Dermatitis, e-bok

Atopic Dermatitis

Ring, Johannes


Management of Patients with Atopic Eczema
Johannes Ring
5. Special Therapeutic Options and Substances in the Treatment of Atopic Eczema
Johannes Ring
6. Prevention
Johannes Ring

Ring, Johannes - Allergy in Practice, e-bok

Allergy in Practice

Ring, Johannes


Table of contents
1. Clinical Manifestation and Classification of Allergic Diseases
2. Pathophysiology of Allergic Reactions
3. Genetics and Environment in the Development of Allergy
4. Allergy Diagnosis
5. Allergic Diseases (and…

Huynh, Dinh - Advances in Ring Theory, e-bok

Advances in Ring Theory

Huynh, Dinh


Strongly Prime Ideals of Near-rings of Continuous Functions
G. L. Booth
6. Elements of Minimal Prime Ideals in General Rings
W. D. Burgess, A. Lashgari, A. Mojiri
7. On a Theorem of Camps and Dicks
Victor Camillo, Pace P. Nielsen
8. Applications

Herstein, I. N. - Some Aspects of Ring Theory, e-bok

Some Aspects of Ring Theory

Herstein, I. N.


Table of contents
1. Associative Rings With Identities
S. A. Amitsur
2. Topics In Ring Theory
I. N. Herstein
3. Representation Theory of Jordan Algebras
N. Jacobson
4. The Theory of Homological Dimension
Irving Kaplansky
5. Complexes in Local Ring Theory
D. Buchsbaum
6. Two Topics In

Fontana, Marco - Rings, Polynomials, and Modules, e-bok

Rings, Polynomials, and Modules

Fontana, Marco


n-Absorbing Ideals of Commutative Rings and Recent Progress on Three Conjectures: A Survey
Ayman Badawi
4. Embedding Dimension and Codimension of Tensor Products of Algebras over a Field
S. Bouchiba, S. Kabbaj
5. Minimal Generating Sets for the D-Algebra

Okoro, Miriam - A Handbook of Ophthalmic Standards and Procedures, e-bok

A Handbook of Ophthalmic Standards and Procedures

Okoro, Miriam


This handbook of ophthalmic nursing standards and procedures has been developed to assist healthcare professionals working in a wide range of ophthalmic settings, and also to provide the patient with safe and consistent ophthalmic nursing care. Ophthalmic…

Parton, Marina - Breast Cancer Survivorship, e-bok

Breast Cancer Survivorship

Parton, Marina


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Okonji, Alistair Ring
Part I. Disease Recurrence
2. Predicting Risk of Disease Recurrence
Belinda Yeo
3. Detection of Recurrence: Clinical Follow-Up
Anne Mc Loughlin, Nicola Roche