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Jin, Shuanggen - GNSS Remote Sensing, e-bok

GNSS Remote Sensing

Jin, Shuanggen


GNSS Atmospheric Sensing and Applications
3. Ground GNSS Atmospheric Sensing
Shuanggen Jin, Estel Cardellach, Feiqin Xie
4. Ground GNSS Ionosphere Sounding
Shuanggen Jin, Estel Cardellach, Feiqin Xie
5. Theory of GNSS Radio Occultation

Inglada, Jordi - Remote Sensing Imagery, e-bok

Remote Sensing Imagery

Inglada, Jordi


Dedicated to remote sensing images, from their acquisition to their use in various applications, this book covers the global lifecycle of images, including sensors and acquisition systems, applications such as movement monitoring or data assimilation,

Lasaponara, Rosa - Satellite Remote Sensing, e-bok

Satellite Remote Sensing

Lasaponara, Rosa


NASA Remote Sensing and Archaeology
Marco J. Giardino
8. Satellite-Based Monitoring of Archaeological Looting in Peru
Rosa Lasaponara, Maria Danese, Nicola Masini
9. Uncovering Angkor: Integrated Remote

Ban, Yifang - Multitemporal Remote Sensing, e-bok

Multitemporal Remote Sensing

Ban, Yifang


Multitemporal Remote Sensing: Current Status, Trends and Challenges
Yifang Ban
2. Change Detection Techniques: A Review
Yifang Ban, Osama Yousif
3. Change Detection in Urban Areas: Spatial and Temporal Scales

Khorram, Siamak - Remote Sensing, e-bok

Remote Sensing

Khorram, Siamak


Using Remote Sensing for Terrestrial Applications
Siamak Khorram, Frank H. Koch, Cynthia F. Wiele, Stacy A. C. Nelson
5. Using Remote Sensing in

Wiseman, James - Remote Sensing in Archaeology, e-bok

Remote Sensing in Archaeology

Wiseman, James


Putting Us on the Map: Remote Sensing Investigation of the Ancient Maya Landscape
William Saturno, Thomas L. Sever, Daniel E. Irwin, Burgess F. Howell, Thomas G. Garrison
7. Creating and Perpetuating Social Memory Across

Jasani, Bhupendra - Remote Sensing from Space, e-bok

Remote Sensing from Space

Jasani, Bhupendra


Table of contents
I. Security, Crises and the Role of Earth Observation
1. Definitions, Concepts and Geospatial Dimensions of Security
Clementine Burnley, Nathalie Stephenne, Dirk Buda, Daniele Ehrlich
2. European Security Policy and Earth…

Kuenzer, Claudia - Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing, e-bok

Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing

Kuenzer, Claudia


Thermal Remote Sensing with Small Satellites: BIRD, TET and the Next Generation BIROS
Eckehard Lorenz
9. Landsat and Thermal Infrared Imaging
Terry Arvidson, Julia Barsi, Murzy Jhabvala, Dennis Reuter
10. Review