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Progri, Ilir - Geolocation of RF Signals, e-bok

Geolocation of RF Signals

Progri, Ilir


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Geolocation of RF Signals
Ilir Progri
2. Requirements for Description of GRFS Systems
Ilir Progri
3. RF Signals
Ilir Progri
4. Adaptive Array Algorithms for Geolocation of RF Signals
Ilir Progri
5. Recursive Algorithms for Adaptive Array Systems

Cai, Wenshan - Optical Metamaterials, e-bok

Optical Metamaterials

Cai, Wenshan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
W. Cai, V. Shalaev
2. Optical Properties of Metal-Dielectric Composites
W. Cai, V. Shalaev
3. Experimental Techniques and Data Treatment
W. Cai, V. Shalaev
4. Electric Metamaterials
W. Cai, V. Shalaev
5. Magnetic Metamaterials
W. Cai, V. Shalaev

Kuang, Ken - RF and Microwave Microelectronics Packaging, e-bok

RF and Microwave Microelectronics Packaging

Kuang, Ken


Liquid Crystal Polymer for RF and Millimeter-Wave Multi-Layer Hermetic Packages and Modules
Mark P. McGrath, Kunia Aihara, Morgan J. Chen, Cheng Chen, Anh-Vu Pham
6. RF/Microwave Substrate Packaging Roadmap for Portable Devices
Mumtaz Bora
7. Ceramic

Janyani, Vijay - Optical and Wireless Technologies, e-bok

Optical and Wireless Technologies

Janyani, Vijay


Magneto-Optical Tuning of Refractive Index for Bidispersed Ferrofluid
Keyur G. Khatsuriya
12. Mach–Zehnder Interferometer-Based 3-Bit All-Optical Sequence Detector
Rakesh Ranjan, Abhishek Ranjan, Dharmendra Kumar

Teixeira, António - Optical Transmission, e-bok

Optical Transmission

Teixeira, António


Simulations of High-Capacity Long-Haul Optical Transmission Systems
Francesco Matera, Rebecca Chandy, Valeria Carrozzo, Karin Ennser, Guido Maier, Achille Pattavina, Marina Settembre, Domenico Siracusa, Marcelo Zannin
4. Experiments on Long-Haul High-Capacity

Boucouvalas, Anthony - Optical Wireless Communications, e-bok

Optical Wireless Communications

Boucouvalas, Anthony


An Overview of Optical Wireless Communications
Z. Ghassemlooy, M. Uysal, M. A. Khalighi, V. Ribeiro, F. Moll, S. Zvanovec, A. Belmonte
2. Optical Propagation in Unguided Media
Yahya Kemal Baykal
3. Effects of Adverse Weather on Free Space Optics

Kuang, Ken - RF and Microwave Microelectronics Packaging II, e-bok

RF and Microwave Microelectronics Packaging II

Kuang, Ken


Electromagnetic Shielding for RF and Microwave Packages
Nozad Karim
5. Design of C-Band Interdigital Filter and Compact C-Band Hairpin Bandpass Film Filter on Thin Film Substrate
Min Tan, Yang Xuan, Yong Ma, Li Li, Yonghe Zhuang
6. Research on High-Reliable

Sorrentino, R - Microwave and RF Engineering, e-bok

Microwave and RF Engineering

Sorrentino, R


An essential text for both students and professionals, combing detailed theory with clear practical guidance
This outstanding book explores a large spectrum of topics within microwave and radio frequency (RF) engineering, encompassing electromagnetic

Prasad, Saurabh - Optical Remote Sensing, e-bok

Optical Remote Sensing

Prasad, Saurabh


Color Science and Engineering for the Display of Remote Sensing Images
Maya R. Gupta, Nasiha Hrustemovic
6. An Evaluation of Visualization Techniques for Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Imagery
Shangshu Cai, Robert Moorhead, Qian Du
7. A Divide-and-Conquer