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Vogel, Werner - Quantum Optics, e-bok

Quantum Optics

Vogel, Werner


This is the third, revised and extended edition of the acknowledged "Lectures on Quantum Optics" by W. Vogel and D.-G. Welsch.
It offers theoretical concepts of quantum optics,

Hadfield, Robert H. - Superconducting Devices in Quantum Optics, e-bok

Superconducting Devices in Quantum Optics

Hadfield, Robert H.


Superconducting Quantum Circuits: Microwave Photon Detection, Feedback and Quantum Acoustics
6. Microwave Quantum Photonics
Bixuan Fan, Gerard J. Milburn, Thomas M. Stace
7. Weak Measurement and Feedback in Superconducting Quantum Circuits
Kater W.

Will, Sebastian - From Atom Optics to Quantum Simulation, e-bok

From Atom Optics to Quantum Simulation

Will, Sebastian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sebastian Will
2. Towards Strongly Interacting Bosons and Fermions
Sebastian Will
3. Hubbard Models for Bosons and Fermions
Sebastian Will
4. Detection and Observables
Sebastian Will
5. Experimental Apparatus
Sebastian Will
6. Interacting Fermions in

 - Quantum Entanglement in Electron Optics, e-bok

Quantum Entanglement in Electron Optics


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Preliminaries
N. Chandra, R. Ghosh
2. Quantum Information: Basic Relevant Concepts and Applications
N. Chandra, R. Ghosh
3. Theory
N. Chandra, R. Ghosh
Part I. Atomic Processes
4. Coulombic Entanglement: One-Step Single Photoionization of Atoms
N. Chandra,

Keller, Ole - Quantum Theory of Near-Field Electrodynamics, e-bok

Quantum Theory of Near-Field Electrodynamics

Keller, Ole


Table of contents
1. Survey of the Classical Theory
Ole Keller
2. Maxwell–Lorentz Electrodynamics in Space-Time
Ole Keller
3. Electromagnetic Green Functions in Spectral Representation
Ole Keller
4. Angular Spectrum Representation of the Green Functions and Fields
Ole Keller
5. Multipole

Al-Amri, Mohammad D. - Optics in Our Time, e-bok

Optics in Our Time

Al-Amri, Mohammad D.


Modern Electron Optics and the Search for More Light: The Legacy of the Muslim Golden Age
Mohamed M. El-Gomati
Part IV. Applications
7. The Dawn of Quantum Biophotonics
Dmitri V. Voronine, Narangerel Altangerel, Edward S. Fry, Olga Kocharovskaya, Alexei