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Hall, Peter A. - Social Neuroscience and Public Health, e-bok

Social Neuroscience and Public Health

Hall, Peter A.


Temporal Self-Regulation Theory: Integrating Biological, Psychological, and Ecological Determinants of Health Behavior Performance
Peter A. Hall, Geoffrey T. Fong
Part II. Health Communication
4. Health Communications: Predicting Behavior Change from the

Strech, Daniel - Ethics in Public Health and Health Policy, e-bok

Ethics in Public Health and Health Policy

Strech, Daniel


Where Public Health Meets Ethics. Conceptual Foundations and Practical Challenges of Public Health
Irene Hirschberg, Jasper Littmann, Daniel Strech
Part I. Concepts
3. Normative and Non-normative Concepts: Paternalism

Buttriss, Judith L. - Public Health Nutrition, e-bok

Public Health Nutrition

Buttriss, Judith L.


Public Health Nutrition
Edited by
Judith L Buttriss, Ailsa A Welch, John M Kearney and Susan A Lanham-New
In this second edition of the bestselling title from the acclaimed Nutrition Society Textbook series, Public Health Nutrition has

Adams, Melissa M. - Perinatal Epidemiology for Public Health Practice, e-bok

Perinatal Epidemiology for Public Health Practice

Adams, Melissa M.


Table of contents
2. Introduction
Melisa M. Adams
3. Reproductive Health Issues
Melisa M. Adams
4. Maternal Morbidity
Melisa M. Adams
5. Maternal Mortality
Melisa M. Adams
6. Infant Morbidity
Melisa M. Adams
7. The Continuum of Reproductive Loss from Pregnancy Through Infancy