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Cairns, Helen Smith - The Handbook of Psycholinguistics, e-bok

The Handbook of Psycholinguistics

Cairns, Helen Smith


Incorporating approaches from linguistics and psychology, The Handbook of Psycholinguistics explores language processing and language acquisition from an array of perspectives and features cutting edge research from cognitive science, neuroscience, and other related fields.
The Handbook

Grosjean, François - The Psycholinguistics of Bilingualism, e-bok

The Psycholinguistics of Bilingualism

Grosjean, François

Från 31,00€

The Psycholinguistics of Bilingualism presents a comprehensive introduction to the foundations of bilingualism, covering language processing, language acquisition, cognition and the bilingual brain. This thorough introduction to the psycholinguistics

Fernández, Eva M. - Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics, e-bok

Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics

Fernández, Eva M.


Introducing the fundamental issues in psycholinguistics, this book explores the amazing story of the unconscious processes that take place when humans use language. It is an ideal text for undergraduates taking a first course in the study of language. Topics covered include the biological

Lowenthal, Francis - Language and Recursion, e-bok

Language and Recursion

Lowenthal, Francis


Table of contents
Part I. What Is Recursion?
1. Pragmatics as the Origin of Recursion
Stephen C. Levinson
2. Investigating Recursion Within a Domain-Specific Framework
Maurício Dias Martins, William Tecumseh Fitch
3. Recursive Cognition…

Unger, Christoph - Genre, Relevance and Global Coherence, e-bok

Genre, Relevance and Global Coherence

Unger, Christoph


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Christoph Unger
Part 1. Global Coherence and Genre
2. Global coherence and global discourse relations
Christoph Unger
3. Topic-based approaches to global coherence
Christoph Unger
4. Global…

Ritchie, L. David - Context and Connection in Metaphor, e-bok

Context and Connection in Metaphor

Ritchie, L. David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
L. David Ritchie
2. Attributional and Relational Models of Metaphor
L. David Ritchie
3. Conceptual Metaphor Theory
L. David Ritchie
4. Conceptual Integration
L. David Ritchie
5. Context