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Lee, Kent - Programming Languages, e-bok

Programming Languages

Lee, Kent


Functional Programming in Standard ML
Kent D. Lee
7. Language Implementation in Standard ML
Kent D. Lee
8. Logic Programming
Kent D. Lee
9. Formal Semantics
Kent D. Lee

Hofstedt, Petra - Multiparadigm Constraint Programming Languages, e-bok

Multiparadigm Constraint Programming Languages

Hofstedt, Petra


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Petra Hofstedt
2. Basic Notions
Petra Hofstedt
3. Programming Languages and Paradigms
Petra Hofstedt
4. Constraints
Petra Hofstedt
5. Multiparadigm Constraint Programming Languages
Petra Hofstedt
6. Concurrent Constraint Functional Programming with

Barry, Paul - Programming the Network with Perl, e-bok

Programming the Network with Perl

Barry, Paul


After providing an introduction to the Perl programming language, this helpful guide teaches computer networking using Perl. Topics discussed include ethernet network analysis, programming standard Internet protocols, and exploring mobile agent programming.

Blum, Richard - C# Network Programming, e-bok

C# Network Programming

Blum, Richard


On its own, C# simplifies network programming. Combine it with the precise instruction found in C# Network Programming, and you'll find that building network applications is easier and quicker than ever.
This book helps newcomers get started

Redmond, Paul - Lumen Programming Guide, e-bok

Lumen Programming Guide

Redmond, Paul


Table of contents
1. Installing Lumen
Paul Redmond
2. Hello Lumen
Paul Redmond
3. Creating the Book Application
Paul Redmond
4. Starting the Books API
Paul Redmond
5. Creating, Reading, Updating, and Deleting Books

Horspool, R. Nigel - TouchDevelop: Programming on the Go, e-bok

TouchDevelop: Programming on the Go

Horspool, R. Nigel


Table of contents
1. Introduction to TouchDevelop
R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann
2. The Scripting Language
R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann
3. The Wall – using the screen
R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann
4. The…

Aley, Rob - Pro Functional PHP Programming, e-bok

Pro Functional PHP Programming

Aley, Rob


Functional Programming: Key Concepts
Rob Aley
3. Getting Started with Functional Patterns
Rob Aley
4. Advanced Functional Techniques
Rob Aley
Part II. Application Development Strategies
5. Strategies for High-Performance Applications