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Lai, Donny C. F. - Professional Financial Computing Using Excel and VBA, e-bok

Professional Financial Computing Using Excel and VBA

Lai, Donny C. F.

Från 80,30€

"Professional Financial Computing Using Excel and VBA is an admirable exposition that bridges the theoretical underpinnings of financial engineering and its application which usually appears as a "black-box" software application. The book opens the black-box and reveals the architecture

Bojanova, Irena - Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing, e-bok

Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing

Bojanova, Irena


The Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing provides IT professionals, educators, researchers and students with a compendium of cloud computing knowledge. Authored by a spectrum of subject matter experts in industry and academia, this unique publication, in

Hurwitz, Judith S. - Cloud Computing For Dummies, e-bok

Cloud Computing For Dummies

Hurwitz, Judith S.


Get your head—and your business—into the Cloud 
Cloud computing is no longer just a clever new toy in the world of IT infrastructure. Despite the nebulous name, it’s become a real and important part of our information architecture—and tech professionals who

Bedrytski, Aliaksandr - Professional Scala, e-bok

Professional Scala

Bedrytski, Aliaksandr


Professional Scala provides experienced programmers with fast track coverage aimed at supporting the use of Scala in professional production applications. Skipping over the basics and fundamentals of programming, the discussion launches directly into

Adams, Cheryl - Professional Hadoop, e-bok

Professional Hadoop

Adams, Cheryl


The professional's one-stop guide to this open-source, Java-based big data framework
Professional Hadoop is the complete reference and resource for experienced developers looking to employ Apache Hadoop in real-world settings. Written by an expert team of certified Hadoop developers,

Bauer, Eric - Reliability and Availability of Cloud Computing, e-bok

Reliability and Availability of Cloud Computing

Bauer, Eric


A holistic approach to service reliability and availability of cloud computing
Reliability and Availability of Cloud Computing provides IS/IT system and solution architects, developers, and engineers with the knowledge needed to assess the impact of virtualization and cloud computing

Bäumer, Ulrich - Globalization of Professional Services, e-bok

Globalization of Professional Services

Bäumer, Ulrich


Responding Strategically to Fundamental Changes in Professional Services: Aim and Scope of the Book
Ulrich Bäumer, Peter Kreutter, Wolfgang Messner
2. Consolidation Patterns in the IT Outsourcing Market: Past, Present, and Future
Katharina Grimme, Peter

Cheng, John - Professional CUDA C Programming, e-bok

Professional CUDA C Programming

Cheng, John


Break into the powerful world of parallel GPU programming with this down-to-earth, practical guide
Designed for professionals across multiple industrial sectors, Professional CUDA C Programming  presents CUDA -- a parallel computing