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Aksoy, Hüseyin Can - Impossibility in Modern Private Law, e-bok

Impossibility in Modern Private Law

Aksoy, Hüseyin Can


Treatment of Impossibility in Modern Laws and Unification Instruments
2. 2) Treatment of Impossibility in German Law
Hüseyin Can Aksoy
3. 3) Treatment of Impossibility in Swiss and Turkish Laws
Hüseyin Can Aksoy
4. 4) Treatment of Impossibility

Stasi, Alessandro - General Principles of Thai Private Law, e-bok

General Principles of Thai Private Law

Stasi, Alessandro


Table of contents
1. General Rules of Thai Private Law
Alessandro Stasi
2. The Law of Obligations
Alessandro Stasi
3. Specific Contracts
Alessandro Stasi
4. Property Law
Alessandro Stasi
5. Family Law
Alessandro Stasi
6. Law of Inheritance
Alessandro Stasi

Cracogna, Dante - International Handbook of Cooperative Law, e-bok

International Handbook of Cooperative Law

Cracogna, Dante


Public International Cooperative Law
Hagen Henrÿ
3. The OHADA Cooperative Regulation
David Hiez, Willy Tadjudje
4. The European Cooperative Society Regulation
Antonio Fici
5. The Statute of Mercosur Cooperatives
Dante Cracogna
6. The