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Dahlgren, Peter - The Political Web, e-bok

The Political Web

Dahlgren, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter Dahlgren
Part I. Politics and Participation on the Web
2. Democracy, Participation, and Media Connections
Peter Dahlgren
3. Force-Fields of the Web Environment
Peter Dahlgren
Part II.…

Martin, Guy - African Political Thought, e-bok

African Political Thought

Martin, Guy


The Political Ideology of Indigenous African Political Systems and Institutions from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century
Guy Martin
3. The Influence of Islamic Values and Ideas on Indigenous

Melville, Andrei - Political Atlas of the Modern World, e-bok

Political Atlas of the Modern World

Melville, Andrei


The Political Atlas of the Modern World is a unique reference source which addresses these questions by providing a comparative study of the political systems of all 192 countries of the world.