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Bourdieu, Pierre - The Social Structures of the Economy, e-bok

The Social Structures of the Economy

Bourdieu, Pierre


But one has only to examine an economic transaction closely, as Pierre Bourdieu does here for the buying and selling of houses, to see that these abstract assumptions cannot explain what happens in reality.

As Bourdieu

Atkinson, Will - Beyond Bourdieu, e-bok

Beyond Bourdieu

Atkinson, Will


Pierre Bourdieu is arguably the most influential sociologist of the twentieth century, especially since the once common criticisms of his determinism and reproductionism have receded. Now, however, his intellectual enterprise faces a new set of challenges

Grabau, Christian - Pierre Bourdieu: Pädagogische Lektüren, e-bok

Pierre Bourdieu: Pädagogische Lektüren

Grabau, Christian


Die Illusion der Andersartigkeit: mit Bourdieu zu einer rassismuskritischen Bildungsforschung?
Kenneth Horvath
9. Funktionaler Analphabetismus
Uwe H. Bittlingmayer
Part III. Konzepte weiterentwickeln
10. „Habitus“ und „kulturelle Passung“

Swartz, David L. - After Bourdieu, e-bok

After Bourdieu

Swartz, David L.


In memoriam: Pierre Bourdieu 1930–2002
David L. Swartz
3. Rethinking classical theory
Rogers Brubaker
4. Pierre Bourdieu and the sociology of religion: A central and peripheral concern
Erwam Dianteill

Bourdieu, Pierre - Manet: A Symbolic Revolution, e-bok

Manet: A Symbolic Revolution

Bourdieu, Pierre


What is a 'symbolic revolution'? What happens when a symbolic revolutions occurs, how can it succeed and prevail and why is it so difficult to understand? Using the exemplary case of Édouard Manet, Pierre Bourdieu began to ponder these questions as

Robson, Karen - Quantifying Theory: Pierre Bourdieu, e-bok

Quantifying Theory: Pierre Bourdieu

Robson, Karen


How Bourdieu “Quantified” Bourdieu: The Geometric Modelling of Data
Frédéric Lebaron
3. Quantifying the Field of Power in Norway
Johs Hjellbrekke, Olav Korsnes
4. The Homology Thesis: Distinction Revisited
Philippe Coulangeon, Yannick Lemel

Bourdieu, Pierre - The Sociologist and the Historian, e-bok

The Sociologist and the Historian

Bourdieu, Pierre


In 1988, the renowned sociologist Pierre Bourdieu and the leading historian Roger Chartier met for a series of lively discussions that were broadcast on French public radio. Published here for the first time, these conversations are an accessible and